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    Our grown my alliance?

    Thanks. I think I have found an alliance to join, sent another player over as an emissary to chat with the leadership they have made space for me too, just slightly hesitant at leaving the only alliance I have ever been in but feel I must as my alliance is not committed to war enough.
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    Our grown my alliance?

    Fezzinsky / 262 CWA / French So I've been playing dominations since 2015. I have only ever been in one alliance Santa Murica (check it out and give me your thoughts). But I feel I have outgrown it now and that I just cant progress. So I have come to the forums to seek advice and potentially a...
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    Fix the Museum - No Lottery, weaker, visible, and less painful to use

    With regards to the visibility of museum artifacts it takes away some of the fun. It's not as if we see the trap level and location some elements need to remain hidden. Those legendary artifacts though a bit of a nuisance now with the tiered sales whereas you could previously purchase one for...