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    Starting new alliance

    Come join us in starting a new alliance. Get in from the start. No Excuses
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    Not able to start a new war

    We can’t start either.
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    VIP retrain is not working 100%

    Same here. I reported it also. They gave me some crowns and said I wouldn’t get them if it happens again. 🤦🏻‍♀️
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    No Pumpkins?

    What happened to the Halloween Pumpkins? What’s next no turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas Trees? Scrooge’s!
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    Info base

    What are the flat black circles I see on information bases?
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    Server maintenance

    Great planning to do it on last night of event.
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    Poor planning

    Why schedule maintenance on last day of event?
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    Players with name Leader

    Our last war war with Armenian Army. They too had a “ leader”. We has 7 members try that base with all getting the error. Reported it to CS. Of course that generated the standard reply. They may get tired of me, I’m not dropping the issue.
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    When is Winter Rush starting?

    A little heads up would be nice.