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    World War: Hall of Honour

    It can be similar to attacks. It could be how many times you successfully defended and how many times you lost by 1 star, 2 star etc. level of opposition player can we added as mentioned above.
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    Thoughts about Manufactory, after 6 months

    Agree with many of your points. The thing I hate about dominations is it is bit one sided. Couple of troops, tactics, wonders, nations are very strong. But all others in their respective categories are not even average and tends to be weak. There needs to be balance. This will help people...
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    DomiNations Update 12.6 - Manufactory Updates

    Yes, wondering the same here! Also, on similar lines will Loot Blessings increase Material loot or is it always 5%
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    DomiNations Update 12.6 - Manufactory Updates

    Suggestions : Add a blessing or museum benefit or a counselor benefit for material generation. Can increase speed or decrease time taken by x%
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    DomiNations Update 12.6 - Manufactory Updates

    Material looting is great. however will it be in multiples of ten or as shown in the screenshot above? Anything less than 10 is going to be annoying
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    DomiNations Update 12.6 - Manufactory Updates

    Need more variations in council. not another new counselor. Multiplayer benefits for this one is bad. I don’t care about wars.
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    When will the age of robotics appear in the game?

    On a funny note, the next age should be the one like the movie MadMax. World destroyed and hunting for resources is very challenging. 😂
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    May Legendary Calendar

    You were crying for war club so many times. Once you got what you want, you like them to stop offering?
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    Shipyard level 14

    Guess wrong thread.
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    Shipyard level 14

    I am still in level 11.. but got advised to level up after 12 for the same reason. BHG, this should be a very simple fix. Just give level appropriate ones in the shipyard.
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    White screen

    Agree. I often close my eyes in night when searching a base to attack. 😂
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    Communication Relay : 15% Assault Rally

    Thank you sir for taking time to get this. Much appreciated!
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    Communication Relay : 15% Assault Rally

    I like it. I have researched it till level 9. But without any proper explanation it’s bit hard to understand the purpose. I read somewhere in the forum that the healing received property in other munitions doesn’t need a supply cart. So was wondering if this is on similar lines.
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    Communication Relay : 15% Assault Rally

    What does the Munition Communication Relay‘s 15% Assault rally do? Does it need Assault Rally tactic? If so seems like not a worthy 10th level research especially if I don’t use assault rally
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    Well I can assure you I got higher percentage of same benefit after rerolling several times. you may be spending lots of crowns, but it definitely comes. In current reroll event the chances of getting higher percentage is just doubled.
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    University Alliance Speed Ups either not working or disappearing

    It’s a known issue. No fix yet.
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    He is just saying you can get the same benefit (after several rerolls) with higher percentage. Say if you reroll Tower hit points with 1%, after few rerolls you could get another Tower hitpoints with 11%
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    The Road Ahead: Spring Edition

    Not if it’s of too much of an ask. along with naming laodouts, it maybe helpful to show what load out is currently selected in the “Prepare for battle screen”
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    King's Tut Tomb

    I don’t think it’s working. For me it’s showing same blueprints as yesterday
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    DomiNations Update 12.2 - Museum Loadouts

    1..Give an option to edit loadout names. 2. Instead of adding more counselors, add another committee