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  1. King Crimson

    Overlaying information on the "Next Opponent" button in PvP

    Not a big deal but still annoying - and indicative of sloppy programming.
  2. King Crimson

    DomiNations Update 12.7 - Automation Age Upgrades

    I think I know how BHG is making a profit these days - they've clearly gotten rid of their graphics department, judging by the same 'look' of most of the new Armory troops 🤨 Doesn't inspire me with confidence for the future airstrip troops. Still, increases in stats are always welcome.
  3. King Crimson

    Readied Reinforcements - Week Ahead 5/27

    With certain events/discounts, you don't even need your max storage - just need patience. (if you're that way inclined)
  4. King Crimson

    DomiNations Update 12.7 - Automation Age Upgrades

    Feel free to not use it. My workers, on the other hand, twiddling their thumbs, will love it - and it'll give me something new to upgrade. @Harlems369th - any news on when the airstrip and air units will get their turn?
  5. King Crimson

    Artifact store

    Presume you're talking about legendaries, yeah? They're doing reasonably regularly rollouts via Marco aren't they? Just be glad you haven't been playing for 9yrs (assuming you haven't) - things are much better now than they've been. Us old timers are happy for the things we're finally getting...
  6. King Crimson

    Unbalanced world wars (Pairing)

    Now this is an event even I would be happy to participate in. (y)
  7. King Crimson

    Entire team should be able to help speed up requests

    Sweat?? :unsure: 😅
  8. King Crimson

    Upgrade Generals at the Fort

    TBh, thinking back, it would've been nice - and logical - if they upgraded at least once with each fort upgrade as well as being upgradeable in the fort ... Think of Generals as the icing on the cake. As Seek said, you do them after your priority troops. Like buying new car seat covers after...
  9. King Crimson

    Readied Reinforcements - Week Ahead 5/27

    "if you want to level up to the maximum possible" Thanks for making my point. "you literally can’t upgrade certain buildings without fully upgraded storage" Nope, not true at all. "when they offer things for free it’s really the only time they’re supporting the players because everything else...
  10. King Crimson

    Stranger Things!

    Mmmm, wonder if they're upgrading their AI script responses to sound more believable when we ask for assistance? :unsure:
  11. King Crimson

    Alliance Gifting

    My alliance made me a better offer .... or else. 😄
  12. King Crimson

    would you all want a 4th barracks?

    Instead of them adding a bigger map which will mean more squares to battle, they could move some permanent buildings to the outer edge like they've done with museum or embassy. Why does the armory need to be in our main map? Why can't it be to the left of the Alliance gate? I'd be happy with...
  13. King Crimson

    Season 8 - Readied Reinforcements

    Catapult Projectile Speed -33% I like how they changed the trajectory rather than have them shoot slower - it looks comical!
  14. King Crimson

    Stop allowing offense building changes after war starts.

    Wait, you can add buildings to your base after the war starts and have the use of those buildings? I don't war but this seems like the stupidest idea ever. What's the point of being able to spy on a base if the enemy can then introduce buildings after you've seen their base? (offensive or...
  15. King Crimson


    No-one is saying they're not valuable. Glad you're still getting benefits from them, as flawed as they might be.
  16. King Crimson

    Season 8 - Readied Reinforcements

    My max oil capacity was 385,000 before the start of the event. Interesting that my actual amount of oil (about 320,000) increased as well.
  17. King Crimson

    Season 8 - Readied Reinforcements

    Pentagon Train Time Bonus +100% With IRB offered so often now, is the training time as relevant these days? (one of my alts has 91!) Maybe this wonder needs a change?
  18. King Crimson

    Readied Reinforcements - Week Ahead 5/27

    I see BHG has - hopefully - helped some people with an increase in resource limits. It's temporary but it's better than nothing. 👍
  19. King Crimson

    Readied Reinforcements - Week Ahead 5/27

    Absolutely true - people can always comment on anything - I don't recall saying that people shouldn't make comments. I try to have conversations with people and the only way to encourage that - that I know of - is to comment or reply to them. If people feel rebuked or attacked by my replies that...
  20. King Crimson

    Readied Reinforcements - Week Ahead 5/27

    I guess I have been banging on about it 😄 However, almost everything about this game - and other games - is about choice and not just whether or not you spend money on crowns. Even after people buy crowns they then choose which upgrades to spend the crowns on: offense vs defense; which troops to...