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    Is this a kind of joke?

    He just used riffle man, plane, and an airship from industrial age, that's why is weird.
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    Is this a kind of joke?

    We watched the battle and there is no way with that army to get any single star
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    Is this a kind of joke?

    How this can be possible? I am sure must be a mistake on this.
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    Freezing gsme problem

    Hi, since 3 days ago I am facing a freezing game issue , that makes almost impossible to try to play.
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    Rocket Arsenal

    Got it, thanks
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    Rocket Arsenal

    Have you noticed when rocket arsenal spawns the Bazookas they are just a shadow , then you can't see them in battle when the battle field is crowded .
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    New glitch in last update

    There is an update, speed ups are okay now, but donation issues still not fixed
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    DomiNations Update v11.8 - New University Leader

    Hi folks, Castle is not shooting to the airplanes. Are you planning to leave like that or it will shoot to airplanes again? This is for purposes to accommodate again defenses, because it is leaving a very huge hole on defense.