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  1. redprince

    Join Warhalla!

    Hello, fellow active and awesome Dominations players! Warhalla and Warhalla II are recruiting, if you are interested respond here or PM me. We are an alliance of very active players who just enjoy playing the game. Wars are a big deal and we do everything we can to help each other. Communication...
  2. redprince

    Fantasy (American) football anyone?

    Me and some fellow Warhalla players started a fantasy football league for fun, but turns out not that many gamers are into So our league is half full and I'm looking to see if anyone is interested to fill some spots. No money involved at this point, just good old taking it easy...
  3. redprince

    QV star in WW

    So I am not able to find a relevant topic on this via slap me if I'm repeating an old topic. If a base is 4* and 100% in WW, meaning the QV star was not gained...if the next attack on that base ONLY gets the QV star does it count as an additional star for the war or does the base...
  4. redprince

    Traps against air units

    Similar to CoC, there should be hidden traps against air units. Not sure what a realistic looking air trap is (maybe barrage balloons?) but it would be a good add for base defense.
  5. redprince

    Troop promotions...

    This is my first time posting in this part of the forum...not really my thing. But I tried a new game called Arma Mobile Ops and though it was a big generic flop IMO, there was one thing that I thought was interesting and would be great for Domi. Troops that do survive an attack receive a...
  6. redprince

    Leave Alliance During War

    Can someone tell me if I leave my alliance during a war and then come back during that same war, will it still let me do my attacks?
  7. redprince

    Join Mars Rising!

    We are a loyal and extremely active group of about 30+ gamers. We communicate daily and are always helping out with donations and advice. We use the Line app to chat about anything and everything, but mainly strategy and game advice. Most our members are above level 100. If you are a higher...
  8. redprince

    Mars Rising Looking for a Merger

    We are a very active alliance of higher level players (our average is about lvl 110). There are about 30 of us who are active and communicating on a daily basis (we also use Line). Originally we were three separate alliances that merged our remaining active members, so now we are looking to...
  9. redprince

    Mars Rising is recruiting!

    We are a very active alliance that works hard to help each other. Join our Line chat and see how passionate we really are! Lots of notes, advice, and base layouts for members to learn from, not to mention constant strategy discussions throughout the day! In the end we are just a group of gamers...
  10. redprince

    New Library Tech Priority

    From all the new level 4 library tech that was added, what would you guys say should be upgraded first? I did the additional tower upgrade because I need buildings to keep villagers occupied. Now I'm doing the +10% on barracks units. After that I'm not too sure...maybe TC road bonus.
  11. redprince

    AOEmpires looking for some highly active core members

    We have a solid group and the alliance is always filled, so why am I recruiting? Because I'm looking for a few members that are very active and contribute more than just troops, I mean players that talk strategy and layouts, who constantly push the envelope. Post here if you are interested, I'll...
  12. redprince

    They should set the event boost as the standard rate for resource production.

    Raiding has been quite a bit better for me during this event boost, but it hasn't been over the top. It seems about where it should be regularly, I'm thinking they should set it as the standard...though I'd prefer a bit more too. Really not looking forward to going back...
  13. redprince

    Is the event live now?

    Is the event that boosts production and loot live now? How are we supposed to know? Is there any indicator or anything we can see?
  14. redprince

    AOEmpires Is Recruiting!

    We have a solid group of 30+ active members. We'll accept new players but they need to be really active and catchup. Come join us and you won't regret it!
  15. redprince

    AOEmpires is recruiting!

    We are a fairly new alliance and have over 30 active members so far. All are welcome. Oh...and we love AOE...greatest game of all time. Fact.
  16. redprince


    New alliance looking for active members. We are old school AOE fans from Chicago. Noobs welcome, all are welcome!