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  1. King Crimson

    Please explain

    @Harlems369th is there a translation for the daily rewards? :unsure:
  2. King Crimson

    New campaigns in real time

    Players, especially new players, are always asking for new campaigns once the old ones are finished. So BHG, taking an idea from your own webpage - ''Lead your nation through victorious battles while prevailing over the challenges of human history'' - why not create campaigns that allow us to...
  3. King Crimson

    Tactics missing

    Anyone else finding one of their tactics are not training? For the last couple of weeks no matter how many tactics I have training, if I log off while they're still training, when I come back (sometimes a few hrs, sometimes the next day) I always have 1 tactic that hasn't trained. VIP or video...
  4. King Crimson

    Winter for the ages

    Did I miss the announcement somewhere? Logged on today to find 35% discounts available for my alts. A nice surprise for a change. :)
  5. King Crimson

    Missing 'sticky'

    Am I mistaken? Wasn't there a 'sticky list of bugs from various updates - and the devs would update this periodically with comments? And we could add new bugs to this list? Now I can't find this list and many posts about bugs are being ignored by the devs.
  6. King Crimson

    Can anyone help?

    I sent Tinsoldier 4 messages this month but he hasn't replied. I hope someone can help. The Lotus Wonder says it provides a 2x bonus (for 6 hrs) once a day but it also says 30% boost to resources. So the way I understand it: I get 30% permanent resource boost then: Once per day I get a 60%...
  7. King Crimson

    Big Huge Request

    TinSoldier Please ask the devs to consider making CW, SA & DA attack 2 ages down permanently. This would go a long way to take the grind out of the game for the higher ages now and in the future. You do want us to have fun don't you? :D
  8. King Crimson

    Boost details screen

    I was looking at an old post made by TinSoldier in 2018 where he talked about a details boost screen. I want to know if this will ever see the light of day? We’re also working on a feature to allow a player to better track all the benefits they’ve earned from buildings like the Library and...
  9. King Crimson


    Hello everyone I've been playing for a few months and wanted to say hi so HI. I hope to get some good ideas from the forum members. Well, that's the plan. I look forward to chatting with you all. I don't know what else to say so BYE. :)