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    Historical Description for Space Age Units

    Hi Nexon, I just want to address some minor issue. It seems that some descriptions coming out from "?" symbol next to unit picture, are wrong. All of the Space Age unit descriptions are the same with Cold War Age counter part. Is it normal? Note: I have reported the issue to customer service...
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    Anybody has Halberdier picture for Chinese or Korean?

    Halberdier is the level 7 heavy infantry from gunpowder age. I would like to complete wikia collection, but it lack of this picture. Really appreciate if you share it. Attached is the example of mediteranean version. Note I'm have the Japanesse version already...
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    Benefits in World War Weapon and Armor Artifacts

    My armor artifact's have benefit of "invading ranged siege dmg" with negative value and "ranged siege hitpoints" with positive value. How come defensive and offensive benefits be in War Armor Artifacts?
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    Strange Values at Rebalance Patch 3 Notes

    TinSoldier Just want to address some of the strange values written in the Patch 3 Notes Defenders Section. Though some are not really important, but I just want to know. May be someone can clarify it. 1. Level 6 and 7 for Pirate and Jaguar Warrior are the same Pirate Defender...
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    Can we get information about the boost value?

    Hi, Just want to know if we can know the base value and the additional (boost) value? For example, if I have my units hitpoints 700, how much it is before boosts? And how much each of the boosts (museum, library, wonders)? Can you show it in status screen? Note: without: blessings, coalitions...
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    Anyone has exp needed to reach certain level?

    Hi, just wondering, does anyone have the table for each level in dominations? Especially level 210++ I plan to manage my resources to level up so that I can join the rush event.
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    Stars Objectives

    Hi Nexon, Just a quick suggestions. Current Stars Objective 1. Quick Victory 2. Town Center is Destroyed 3. 50% Damage 4. 75% Damage 5. 100% Damage No 3 - 5 are kinda repetitive. May be you can change the no 4 with: 4. All defensive buildings are destroyed Note: All troops survive the...