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  1. Rachel

    Peace Treaty Duration Reduction

    Bring back the real peace treaties
  2. Rachel

    DomiNations v11.1 Update

    The biden administration must be running bhg
  3. Rachel

    2 X Crown offer SCAM

    God bless BHG for trying and coming up with offers like this but. Trust pilot is nothing but SCAM artists. Do not do the play this so and so game for crowns bhg cant help and trust pilot will not grant you the crowns IT IS A SCAM
  4. Rachel

    New alliance SnoopySquad

    A new start up alliance looking for any level player come join us for a mature relaxed alliance —- SnoopySquad —-
  5. Rachel

    Daily reward time change

    I am just curious and maybe it’s just me but since they changed the time I now am not playing the game as much as I used to before I would spend an hour or two on each of my 4 accounts since the change I left a very good alliance and now I pretty much just log in once a day just to collect...
  6. Rachel

    Acknowledge video rewards problem

    When will you recognize that there is an issue with the video rewards and video retrain Since the upgrade nothing has worked
  7. Rachel

    Bjorn Ironside upgrade

    Give me one good reason to spend crowns to upgrade Ironside or is it just a money grab much like what you just did to Zhukov people spent a lot on him just so you can screw them over, seriously why should we spend one more cent on this game if you are just going to screw us over
  8. Rachel

    Medal drop

    I would love to see a drop a 1000 medals tab
  9. Rachel

    Troops seem to get stuck in place

    It seems to me that my troops get stuck dancing in place?
  10. Rachel

    Training Blessings not working

    Training Blessings are not working?
  11. Rachel

    BHG cheating players

    I am sure BHG has cheating each and every player in the game. I am sure everyone started expeditions before the event ended once it stopped you cheated us by adding time to the completion of the expedition . Stop cheating players
  12. Rachel

    Video rewards

    Why is it on some videos when done take you out of the game and open the game store
  13. Rachel

    Add more servers

    take some of the money you are ripping off players and buy a few more servers
  14. Rachel

    Motorcycle Raiders

    Has anyone noticed that Motorcycle Raiders don’t rally like they should they just ignore it
  15. Rachel

    Troop rally not where designated

    Has anyone noticed that when rallying troops they go to an entirely different place
  16. Rachel

    Rampant Cheating

    @Joe Muet Grubb Iam calling you out unless you’re full of hot air but the CHEATING in this game has to stop take a look at this blatant cheating in the war it showed him getting 0 stars but the battle reported he got 5 on both Also his base seems to...
  17. Rachel


    Why do we even bother upgrading our tactics in the library or university just so Big huge games can come along and fuck them up
  18. Rachel

    To much to fast

    Here's a good idea stop adding garbage and fix what is broken
  19. Rachel

    Pay to play

    Move all your pay to play troop cards into the store and bring back the real Marco Polo and hang this imposter . But really move all the Crown troop cards to the store I myself would like to shop for troop cards
  20. Rachel

    Unlock Decoys early

    I am wondering if it is possible to unlock Decoys early