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  1. kelltech

    Celtic Gods is looking for a few more players

    Celtic Gods is a level 7 alliance of seasoned players who have been together for a long time, plus a few newer ones that have joined the ranks along the way. Having rebuilt from the ground up after an AWOL leader, we are an alliance that consistently fights well above our weight class and...
  2. kelltech

    Celtic Gods welcomes active players

    Celtic Gods is looking to add active players of any age, level or nation. We are a level 3 (next war will put us at lv4) alliance formed from a select group of seasoned players. We war each week and are a low pressure and highly supportive group who don't mind teaching some or learning from...
  3. kelltech

    Invitation to join Celtic Gods

    If you're tired of MIA leadership in alliances, you're not alone. Celtic Gods is a new alliance formed out of seasoned and experienced players. We've been together across 3 alliances and got tied of leaders going AWOL. So, with a commitment to reach other and to our alliance mates, we created...
  4. kelltech

    Village Swappped :(

    Yesterday my village was swapped for a much more advanced village. I submitted a ticket, but what am I to do, play on someone else's village? Doesn't seem right to me, though it's a more advanced and profitable village it's not my own. My player name is correct, but I'm definitely not looking at...