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  1. Rafar

    Daily Rewards

    A few months ago we did a poll here on the forum about what we would like to receive as rewards for watching the Daily Rewards videos. I believe that the wish of the majority was somehow fulfilled and this is a positive point for the BHG team. But since then, on Saturdays and Sundays where...
  2. Rafar

    Museum storage and organization

    I'm coming back to the subject, as I believe that little attention has been paid to something that makes life difficult for players and unnecessarily. It is more than necessary to develop a better search system for stored artifacts. The limit stock capacity is 125. Having to search through...
  3. Rafar

    Failed daily rewards

    Time and time again I have had trouble getting the rewards correctly when watching the daily rewards videos. It's the fourth time in 2 weeks that I haven't received all the crowns. I need to send a ticket to CS complaining about the rewards. CS analyzes it, confirms the failure and sends...
  4. Rafar

    Delete troop tactics

    Developers should make it easier to exclude "troop tactics". Over the years, many low-level tactics that were not used become useless, in some cases even to donate in wars to low-level allies. Even many of these tactics are absolutely bad. With all due respect to the history of armies, but...
  5. Rafar

    Command Post

    The Command Post is a mixed building. Stores war resources, including rubies, and spawns defenders. With Harriet Tubman's research completed, the command post levels out the troops leaving the houses on defense. Why did the command post stop being updated in the cold war? A new update...
  6. Rafar

    Bug - Battles that don't provide fragments

    Hello. I've been submitting support tickets for a long time reporting not receiving mystery fragments in some battles. I don't have any kind of suspicion as to why this happens, but it is a fact that it occurs in approximately 5% of battles won. It would be nice if this bug was fixed.
  7. Rafar


    Some suggestions: - The display of contributions in the laws of Parliament should cover all players in the alliance, not just the 10 with the most points. - The presentation of the contribution ranking should be a button inside the Parliament building itself and not on the opening/home...
  8. Rafar

    Details on contributions to parliament

    Hello. I wish this message could be taken and discussed by the game developers. Parliament has added a new dynamic within the alliances, but it lacks more details as to the players who contribute. The daily ranking with 10 players is very uninformative, in no way helps the leaders of the...