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  1. King Crimson

    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    Opinions and speculations are fine - unless you and lots of others are clairvoyant? If so, please message me next weeks lottery numbers (just me, no-one else) ;) Personally, I'll wait to see what happens - and then I'll simply adapt. And when BHG tweaks the update, I'll adapt again.
  2. King Crimson

    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's defense that is getting a buff, not a nerf. Although, with all the ranting and scaremongering going on before this is even implemented - as is the case with the usual suspects - it's easy to think we're still in the dark ages worrying about witches...
  3. King Crimson

    Instant retrain bug

    Ouch - that would hurt. I've never had that - only when placing for the first time.
  4. King Crimson


    I think you set the notifications from your phone. (via your apps list). I turned off the notifications because they became annoying.
  5. King Crimson

    Inappropriate Adds Again

    Really??! Those same ''young persons'' have role models everywhere like Snoop Dogg, The Kardashians, Megan The Stallion, Nicki Minaj, R Kelly, lil Nas, Miley Cyrus, etc. The list is long and the bar very low .....
  6. King Crimson

    Instant retrain bug

    I managed to replicate this workaround. As soon as I saw the spinning circle I immediately closed the app (from the recent apps screen). When I logged back in the training blessing, I placed on my base, was back in my inventory and the troop retrain icon was still there. Placed the blessing back...
  7. King Crimson

    Spinning circles ARE NOT GONE

    Appreciate the notice of your impending deletion - good luck in the future. ;)
  8. King Crimson

    Instant retrain bug

    I don't know if this was a fluke because I haven't replicated it yet. I've also lost troops on a few occasions but this last time I placed an instant retrain blessing and as soon as I got the spinning circle I immediately closed the app - via the 'recent app' screen. I opened the game again and...
  9. King Crimson

    1/2 off time event

    It doesn't even need to be a week long blitz - a 3 day event (like the weekend events) would be welcome.
  10. King Crimson

    DomiNations v11.2 Update (Available Now)

    I have an Android phone and an ipad - both currently updated and working.
  11. King Crimson

    DomiNations v11.2 Update (Available Now)

    fwiw, I've never had an issue with the bugs that people experience. Is it possibly region specific ???
  12. King Crimson

    Prepare For Drone Command

    I generally scoff at people who complain about offense being overpowered but I can definitely see their concerns with this addition - at this stage. Maybe the defensive attributes activate immediately and the offensive ones take 30secs - who knows. Hopefully there will be some caveats to be...
  13. King Crimson

    DomiNations v11.1 Update

    Would you prefer they went down?! 😁
  14. King Crimson

    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    Looks like some serious crowns spent on that council!
  15. King Crimson

    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    Does the council really have the stats to make significant changes? I stopped bothering with mine after the first few weeks of ineffective fusions.
  16. King Crimson

    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    The argument that offense and defense must be the same (ie: balanced) perplexes me. That would result in détente - and that's just ridiculous. (like M.A.D.) Scenario: If everyone can clear a base in 2mins - which some are arguing against - this ends with evenly matched scores. Scenario: if...
  17. King Crimson

    WW Mismatch

    Are you complaining because you're annoyed with this matchup? Or, are you complaining because it's indicative of most of your matchups? In which case, have you kept track of the number of mis-matches? Or, are you complaining about this mismatch while ignoring the other 14 or 15 acceptable...
  18. King Crimson

    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    Maybe I'm wrong about the objective of the game. I thought it was to clear the enemy's base. You're complaining that people are clearing bases - yet you go to war with that objective in mind - and bring the tools that'll get the job done. Why begrudge someone doing to you what you plan on doing...
  19. King Crimson

    Tutorial for alliance leaderboard feature freezes the game

    Just do one or the other. You won't regret it.
  20. King Crimson

    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    I'm in an alliance that doesn't war. We're happy and stress free - you should try it 😁 Besides, I did say first and foremost". The other side of the coin is that there should be defensive strategies but it can't have priority over offense. I'm happy for people to take my exposed rss - I have...