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  1. Horsepower

    Older, more powerful Eisenhowers are still being sold

    Some of our players are still seeing sales for the older, more powerful Eisenhowers in their VIP stores. Thought you were not selling them anymore. Please fix.
  2. Horsepower

    State of the game

    Dominations is now an unbalanced game. What is sad is that BHG has allowed this problem to continue. The Eisenhower-Recon attacks are killing the game. To make matters worse attackers are upgrading their general damage and HP in their war museums. No defense, no matter how strong can withstand...
  3. Horsepower

    New Wonder.... Gorgeous!

    Congratulations to the BHG art designers. You’ve done a fantastic job on the new Wonder. Very impressive😊
  4. Horsepower

    Dear Ayo and Leviathan

    Hello to both of you. I tried to send you both Private messages but neither one of you accept private messages. Why? What’s the point of being forum moderators if players are not allowed to communicate with you? Also, you both posted many weeks ago that you were going to fine tune and add...
  5. Horsepower

    DomiNations generates $200 million

    Five years on, Big Huge Games’ DomiNations generates $200 million
  6. Horsepower

    BHG, this must be said

    Your new Drown legendary is a great idea. I’ll admit that I would like to have it. I will also admit that I spent more then the average player in this game. With that being said, I have two obstacles keeping me from buying it. First and foremost, it’s simply to expensive. Come on now, $250 is...
  7. Horsepower

    Muet...some recommendations

    War generals: Please consider finding a way where players can personally decide which generals go into the fort and Pentagon. As is,it gets confusing and frustrating for many players. I feel strategic we should be able to control our own strategy here. VIP store: Please consider individualizing...
  8. Horsepower

    Muet, new war match system is really bad

    Muet, our war search took 11 hours. What we got was an embarrassing match. We have 5 Digital age, they have none and also have 6 Iron bases. Obviously this is a ridiculous mismatch. I think we should go back to what we had before. This new system is not working. None of us want to wait 11-12 for...
  9. Horsepower

    BHG, be consistent

    BHG, this is the type of thing players get upset about. Please be fair and consistent. Don’t try this anymore please. Level 9 get 10 troops level 10 gets 4 troops
  10. Horsepower

    Another $250 legendary and bug nightmare

    BHG, why do you do this? How can you try to sell another $250 legendary while your game is loaded with bugs and cheats? Are you laughing behind our back’s? Also, we asked you over and over to delay Digital age until you were absolutely sure bugs were fixed. Not only diid you not do this but your...
  11. Horsepower

    Error message when starting up the game - 11/7/19

    BHG, we are all seeing this often when starting up the game.
  12. Horsepower

    BHG, $250? Are you serious?

    BHG, I do spend money on Dominations but must say that your $250 legendary sale is going a little overboard. Why are you doing this?No one in their right mind should buy that. Also, you have not replied to the numerous player request to delay Digital Age. Is that really fair? Why are you rushing...
  13. Horsepower

    BHG developers

    BHG, thank you again for a great event. I liked the way you shortened this last one. It’s good to see you mixing it up some. I personally finished it and enjoyed it. For higher level players it really helps giving us something extra to do. Adds a lot of variety to the game. The $10 pass was well...
  14. Horsepower

    BHG, excellent job!

    BHG, excellent job creating and implementing these new events. No one can complain you’re being greedy either. I just finished the 2nd event and must say it was not only fun but rewarding. For $15 I gained so many cool goodies which are very useful. Also, your developers are doing a great job in...
  15. Horsepower

    An honest note to Muet

    Muet, I have an idea. Since you can’t or won’t fix the war matchmaking, how about devising a system where we pick our own opponents. Alliances can communicate and agree among themselves to war against each other. As is, the matching system is completely broken among higher level alliances. I...
  16. Horsepower

    Muet, war matching is still broken

    I realize you have one of your developer team working on matchmaking, but I think it time for you get personally hands on involved. We have another mismatch. We have 15 SA’s to their 29 SA’s.
  17. Horsepower

    Muet, please act immediately

    Muet, please act immediately and don’t make us wait for fixing the failed war weight update. Please communicate with us and tell us your intentions. We can not go on with fixes which are pushed months away while you roll out new event gimmicks. We really didn’t need that. Would prefer your team...
  18. Horsepower

    Important question for Muet

    Hello, we’re getting mixed answers from CS to this question about war generals. Please take a moment and explain to clear this up. I presently have Churchill, Joan and Napoleon all at level 70. My General Z is presently at level 68. When my General Z reaches level 70, which of my 4 generals...
  19. Horsepower

    Hello Muet... War weight

    Hello Muet, realizing that you’re busy, could you please communicate with us why it’s taking so long to fix the war weight bug. What progress have you made and is it actively being worked on? Truthfully, this bug has made war matchmaking extremely frustrating. Many alliances, especially in the...
  20. Horsepower

    MD 500 Defender helicopters

    Does anyone know the stats of these helicopters for each level? Do they shoot by machine guns, zooks of what?