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  1. LordStark263AC

    New version of Forum

    I can't say I'm liking this new version. I mean looks nice, I do, it does look cool and all that but not very user friendly I don't think. Slightly challenging to navigate through. I'm struggling to find any reply button or whatnot. I can't even reply to my OWN thread I started.
  2. LordStark263AC

    House of Dragon accepting new members/a merger with a smaller alliance

    We're almost level 19 alliance. Sweet Museum 😏🤌😌 Discord app is mandatory for communication and War Plan Wars are non-stop We're looking for a smaller alliance (2-15 players) but capable players, to join us in Wars. Let me know on Discord if whoever is interested. Lord_Stark_263AC#3012
  3. LordStark263AC

    New Triumph event

    Hey Leviathan Ayo So the new Triumph event finished 2 days ago and we all already have collected our "winnings" Now I'm pretty certain I'm speaking on behalf of the community when I ask.... When's the new Triumph event begins? I was under the impression that new event would begin right...
  4. LordStark263AC

    A letter to CEO Tim Train

    Dear Supreme Lord Chancellor, Admiral General Air-Force Commander-in-Chief Tim of House Train. Two things. First Please make your BHG "subordinates" check the Drone Age for bugs before releasing it, even if Nexon are on your back about rushing new content. Every. Single. Time you release...
  5. LordStark263AC

    Upcoming live Twitch stream

    Levithian TheWise Seriously? You gonna let us know about upcoming live stream with with 24 hours to go? It almost feels like you WANT the majority of community to ignore it. ​​​​​​​Next time maybe you should give us at the very least a week notice? Just a thought...
  6. LordStark263AC

    Dominations memes Facebook group

    I started a meme group for Dominations related memes. If you somewhat enjoy Dominations and a fan of memes. Then do follow my page/group. ​​​​​Dominations memes 2.0 (2.0 because Shanny of Disorder99 had a page called Dominations memes before he left the game)...
  7. LordStark263AC

    Dear Santa...

    My Digital Age account gone wrong and I'm wondering why I Spent all the money at all The Nexon updates clouds up my gameplay And I can't play at all And even if I could it'll all be glitchy But then you say new updates coming soon It reminds me, that it's not so bad It's not so bad Dear Santa...
  8. LordStark263AC

    5000 Crowns for every active player

    Ayo TheWise Levithian It's only fair to compensate every active player with or without alliance, because of your enormous clangers you've dropped on us in the last 2 days. It's simply unacceptable to have That many mistakes in 2 updates. Either give Legendary Enigma Artifact or 5000-10000...
  9. LordStark263AC

    Free Troop Tactics this week

    TheWise Ayo Leviathan This week you've been giving away free Troop Tactics, but it isn't free for everyone. 2 days ago it was a Recon TT, I received it on 4/8 accounts including my main Lord Stark. Today there is a Marine Bazooka TT, I received it on 3/8 accounts excluding my main Lord Stark...
  10. LordStark263AC

    Servers are down

    Dominations is definitely down. TheWise Leviathan Ayo
  11. LordStark263AC

    VIP Store is here.

    Apparently your VIP level is determined by how much cash you've spent.
  12. LordStark263AC

    Digital Age is finally here.

    November 2019. Level requirement is 285. I think that's too steep. 270-275 would've been just right.
  13. LordStark263AC

    Alliance Builder

    Greetings Leaders and participants too. I've decided to help small but more or less established alliances (10 members minimum) with a reliable leader to attract new low level players and to coach/lead them, I'm talking Iron Age players. I'm putting together a team of random players to be...
  14. LordStark263AC

    List of Medal Leagues & Players

    Someone posted a list of all leagues and players in them some time ago, starting in 200 league and it goes all the way up to Dynasty. I tried searching for it but couldn't find it. Whoever has it please share it here. Greatly appreciated Yours faithfully Lord Stark of Dragonstone 1.0
  15. LordStark263AC

    Game of Thrones Alliance Dragonstone 1.0

    We looking for Global and Atomic Age players to participate in World Wars. LINE messenger required.
  16. LordStark263AC

    Price of CWA MK6 Tanks & Supersonic Fighter MK6

    Well, I just got hit by a player from Fu(k Ch3aters alliance, 260 CWA player. He used 5 MK6 Tanks and 6 Supersonic Fighter MK6 plus some shooters. Now he's taken 9.9K Oil (with Museum perk) but he obviously did not destroy all of the defensive buildings meaning he lost all of he's troops. I'm...
  17. LordStark263AC

    Game of Thrones Alliance Dragonstone 1.0

    We are looking for new members. World War participants. Level 14 alliance. We are mostly from the UK and the US Discord messenger required
  18. LordStark263AC

    Leveling up (xp) bug

    So here I am in Atomic Age, excited as f*#k! Ready to conquer the Dominations world. But then to my annoyance I find out there's an XP bug. Anyways, I was/am level 211 and I needed 2.500 xp to reach level 212. Last morning I decided to spead up 2 upgrades (fighter plane MK6 and Pentagon stage...
  19. LordStark263AC

    Current event, Admiral Yi

    Would someone confirm that once you complete this event and you get a Legendary artifact, do we need to unlock each line and then upgrade it? Or is it all unlocked already and all we have to do is upgrade each line? Would be helpful if it's all unlocked but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  20. LordStark263AC

    Game of Thrones Alliance Dragonstone 1.0

    We are an active alliance, Level 7, English speaking, World War participants, if you're a Game of Thrones fan come and join us.