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  1. Tsamu

    Attack Helicopters Re-Re-ReBalance

    We seem to have lost the news thread where the attack helicopter nerfs were announced. We all agree they were OP after the initial barracks troops rebalance, but they were nerfed back to irrelevance with the re-rebalance. Here are some ideas to make them a little more effective if a player puts...
  2. Tsamu

    Lag When Attacking Info Age Bases (android only)

    In our last war all of the players on android who attacked their strongest Info Age base (level 365 with a monster museum) suffered incapacitating lag. Players on iOS had no problem. Lag can be seen watching replays too.
  3. Tsamu

    Increased Vault Capacity does not apply to oil - why not?!

    Why don't museum boosts that increase vault capacity apply to oil? It's especially galling when the legendary artifact I earned by buying all 5 event passes over the past month has 2 11% lines. BHG, please change this!
  4. Tsamu

    New War Tactics - Attack Buildings/Attack Defenders

    When Information Age is introduced, I would like to see two new war tactics that take advantage of improved communication technology. When activated, Attack Buildings would override troops normal targeting for a period of time, say 5 or 10 seconds. This would let me tell my heavy tanks to stop...
  5. Tsamu

    Chat is unavailable

    5 members of my alliance have been getting the "chat is currently unavailable" message for over 12 hours. Anyone else having issues?
  6. Tsamu

    Pinned Chat

    Our chat has become very active; messages are rarely visible for more than an hour. It would be nice to mark some messages as important so they are kept near the top. It could be implemented with a tag, like #p. Bonus feature; only council and above could use it. I would also like to improve...
  7. Tsamu

    Unforseen Consequences

    Our latest war is against P.A.N.D.A.S. They have 18357 glory to our 20235, and our gain/loss is 81/-239. Seems reasonable, until you look at the line up. They have 24 Digital, 3 Space, 1 Cold War and 2 Atomic to our 9 DA, 4 SA, 3 CWA and 6 AA (the rest are IA to GP). And their DAs are not...
  8. Tsamu

    Cheating Justice System

    I would like to suggest a system for accusing players of cheating and having the battles reviewed by judges. It would have a lot of the same elements as the civil justice system. There would be different processes for multi-player and war, but the basics would be the same. After a battle, the...
  9. Tsamu

    50v50 Wars

    Is there a community where the leaders of large alliances can meet to arrange 50v50 wars? Does anyone have any experience with arranged 50v50 matches? I assume that the search pool is so small that just starting a search at the same time would almost guarantee the correct match.
  10. Tsamu

    Exposed City Center

    I am a level 310 DA and like to stay at the low end of Empire (2600 to 2800 medals). I find that to be a good place to collect NTGs (lots of low end CWAs available) while also having the possibility of 26k oil victory chest rewards. My problem was I would log off for a few hours and have 10...
  11. Tsamu

    750 Heavy Tanks?

    The latest goal in the current event requires Digital Age players to train 750 heavy tanks. Are you crazy? In normal play I might train 3 or 4 per day; I try not to lose them because they are 1600 oil apiece. I will need 1.2 million oil to train 750. I usually collect about 100k oil per day, and...
  12. Tsamu

    Who to sit?

    How do you decide who to sit from war when you have too many available? We have 43 members in our alliance, and most want to be in war. We decide who to sit based on the following Alt accounts Last logon more than 2 days ago No attacks in previous war Only 1 attack in previous war Then it gets...
  13. Tsamu

    What device 2020?

    It's a new year and a new decade*, so I thought it would be nice to get some suggestions for what device to play on. Please let us know if you have found some good hardware and what the playing experience is like. I just got a Teclast T30...
  14. Tsamu

    Spy on Allies

    I would like the ability to see allies’ library, university and museum. Especially for new allies to make sure they have the basics, like banners. It would also help when asked for recommendations of what to research next.
  15. Tsamu

    Please make event discounts time or workers

    It has been said a million times (only a slight exaggeration) that reducing the food or gold cost of an upgrade is almost meaningless at higher ages. Much more useful would be to reduce the time or worker requirement. Please like if you agree, and maybe this time BHG will take note. LOL JK. I...
  16. Tsamu

    Video Retrain Change

    After a war attack, if I had any surviving troops I would donate them and then use the video retrain, getting a little extra out of it. I just tried to do this for the first time after the update and lost the video retrain completely. Did anyone else do this? Do you see the same behavior after...
  17. Tsamu

    Congrats, you found my limit for event pass price

    Dear BHG, I don't fault you for raising the price of the pass (adjusted for duration) every event; you should test what the market will bear. I just wanted to let you know explicitly that you have gone beyond what I am willing to pay. $20 for 3 days is just not worth it. The last event ($30 for...
  18. Tsamu

    Need a resource sink

    I have finished my walls, and now need something instantaneous to spend food and gold on. Or a way to donate it to team mates. I would also like a way to convert food/gold to oil, for which I have an endless need. How about I deposit food/gold in the vault and can withdraw oil? So if I deposit...
  19. Tsamu

    Bastions boosted by Indian coalition?

    Does anyone know if the Indian coalition wall hitpoints bonus applies to bastions? It would be logical if it did, but the coalition description does not explicitly state it.
  20. Tsamu

    Colossus of Rhodes Event, Earned NTGs not counted

    If your storehouse cannot hold any more NTGs and you earn some in battle, they do not count towards the current event. That severely reduces the amount of time available. In events where we had to earn resources, the battle earnings counted even if the storehouse was full. It would be nice if...