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  1. EndTimes

    2nd catapult has disappeared

    After I updated the app, my second catapult is gone! Just a blank spot of where it use to be....still says that I'm 2/2 on catapults.....I'm medieval age. Need some assistance here please.
  2. EndTimes

    Nexon is deleting my posts about the bugs and cheats

    Really? I'm not escalating the situation or gathering an uprising against Nexon, I'm simply stating facts that your company is not meeting players needs at this time. Please don't delete my posts if I'm not breaking any rules. This is a forum and we the players are handling things the best...
  3. EndTimes

    Cheating alliance

    Everyone please email BHG about the terrible support here on the forums and off the forums from Nexon. This is ridiculous how horrible we are being treated.
  4. EndTimes

    On ipad2 and game crashes every 20minutes.

    This game has got to be fixed....I'm crashing in battles now and I lose everything.....really getting to the point of me not playing until maybe they fix this game.....can we get a freaking reply from the developers please????
  5. EndTimes

    Here is the info on how to contact BHG for bugs and cheats.

    Please contact the actual game developers on all of these issues that aren't being addressed here on the forums. Nexon is not doing a good job here on the forums at all and BHG should know about it. Here is the information you will need.
  6. EndTimes

    "Under Attack" not really....

    I keep getting this screen and I log on to find that I have not been attacked. This screen keeps me logged out of the game for about 10 minutes each time and I get 2-4 each day, really aggravating.
  7. EndTimes

    A question about alliance.

    What happens when someone requests to join but the leader doesn't get on to accept it because of the chat moving it off of the chat they want in again but they are getting a message saying that the previous request needs to be addressed....we aren't sure what to do...any thoughts?? Thanks!
  8. EndTimes

    I have a question about the Notre Dame wonder.

    Does anyone know what % reduction in price of library upgrades? Thanks! And if your looking for an alliance, check us out, Last Judgment!
  9. EndTimes

    Can we please get some more ranks in alliance?

    2 ranks really? Please add atleast 4 ranks. Again, please just use Clash of Clans as a template lol. They have done all the work for you, just add in the material.
  10. EndTimes

    The lag in this game is very bad on ipad2.

    And please don't say it's my internet lol. I have very good internet and nothing else in my house ever lags. Yesterday I had to force close the app 5 times and restart the game because of the lag was so bad I couldn't even type in alliance chat. Then it booted me twice on top of that! So just...
  11. EndTimes

    Just copy ideas from CoC and you will be fine...

    Really.....they have listened to player feedback for 3 years and did most of the work for you.....
  12. EndTimes

    Poll: Are you happy with your nation?

    Are you happy with the nation that you have?
  13. EndTimes

    Bronze Age - Feedback Welcome

    Here is my base, strictly for gold defense.
  14. EndTimes

    When using Rally, the troops need to respond better.

    I picked German nation because of the Rally buffs. Unfortunately when I use rally, most of time errors happen. Here are a few: 1. Sometimes like 5-10 troops decide not to rally and just keep attacking buildings or whatever they decide. 2. The troops will wait 1-2 seconds before even moving...
  15. EndTimes

    "Last Judgment" is looking for mature, active members. The End Is Nigh

    Last Judgment- Motto: The End Is Nigh. First I would like to say thanks for checking out our recruiting page! We welcome you to our forum home! :);):p What do we stand for? We are an alliance that believes in helping each other as a family. We value each others strengths and...
  16. EndTimes

    Iron Age Resource Base Defense Layout

    Here is mine! I think yours has some weak the one wall surrounding your resources.
  17. EndTimes

    Iron Age Base Design! How to protect your Gold!

  18. EndTimes

    Iron Age Base Design! How to protect your Gold!

    So this is my first base design. I know it might not seem like much but it took me about 3 hours to make lol. Some GOOD things about the base are.... 1. Core garrisons. 2. Most buildings are connected to the roads. 3. Strong defense for the selected storages you want protected. 4. Looks very...
  19. EndTimes

    What's up with the walls and gates in edit mode?

    What's up with the layout of walls and roads in this game? Iv spent hours trying to build a base but the walls and gates will not work to finish off a perimeter around a building....doesn't make any sense at all because I completed the exact same layout on another part of my has to...
  20. EndTimes

    Decrease the lag and increase the FPS.

    Can the programmers please work on the game code and make the game run more smoothly? I mean it's not like we have good graphics to make it run so slow. Many games after launch have made the game run better....I hope that we will have that opportunity on here 🙏