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  1. KingDarius

    Join Royal Syndicate! Lvl 13, 16k+ glory. undefeated under new management

    Royal syndicate are currently recruiting gunpowder age and up players who want to participate in wars. Farmers of all ages are also welcome. We are undefeated since restarting this alliance 2 months ago. We war back to back. We are led by a veteran info age player who can provide top level...
  2. KingDarius

    Quality control

    How about nexon gets a quality control team to test out these "patches" and updates before making it live? Or maybe a proper customer service team who answers inquiries?
  3. KingDarius

    DomiActive™ Fury is recruiting! Very active alliance, lots of donations + war often

    Hi Everyone, Here at DomiActive™ Fury you can expect your troop requests being filled quickly usually with GA, AA troops. We are a friendly group with the majority of our 41 allies ranging between level 160-207. We have many members who donate 1000+ troops per season. We go to war often and win...
  4. KingDarius

    Extremely frustrating

    I don't know how much more of these crashes I can take. Every time I enter a battle and deploy my troops the game crashes and I lose the troops/peace treaty/gold. Running the game on IOS. I enjoy the game more than coc when it works but currently this is not playable. Every time I try to...
  5. KingDarius

    Defender blessing

    I notice on replays that when I use the defender blessing, the defenders don't come from the forest right away. I'm wondering if this is a glitch or if that's how it works because by the time they come, the attacker has enough time to do damage
  6. KingDarius

    Level 8 walls/gates

    Honestly it probably seems like a minor issue but it would be nice if level 8 walls and gates looked different than level 7s.