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  1. KingCally

    Drone Age Unique Units

    does anyone know if they got rid of unique skins for the nations unique units? I switched from Koreans to Romans to see the different skins, and both the shooter infantry and the standard infantry have the same skins for the two different nations… if that’s the case that’s extremely disappointing
  2. KingCally

    Drone Age?

    When do you guys expect to see the release of the Drone Age? And with that, anything new you’d like to see added
  3. KingCally

    Connection To Server Lost

    Just spent the $160 on the legendary artifact , and had the following three attacks crash mid battle.... Can someone say Cognitive Dissonance.
  4. KingCally

    Stealth Bomber

    Does anyone know if this is a troop we can research and build in the Airstrip. Or merly just another troop tactic
  5. KingCally


    Does anyone else find it extremely frustrating that the Nexon can come up with seemingly limitless new troop cards to sell us, but we never get new trainable troops. And the only two new ones we got when the Cold War Age dropped was the MLR and assault vehicle, which are useless. Like seriously...
  6. KingCally

    Troop HP After Update

    Has anyone else noticed that their troops are more fragile than usual? I know the heavy tanks have had their university buffs reversed for whatever reason… But I am starting to notice this decrease in HP on other troops as well — so I think? TinSoldier , can you please comment on the heavy tank...
  7. KingCally

    What Do You Want To See In The Space Age?

    As a level 280 CWA, the anticipation for the space-age is literally killing me. With that said, I’m curious as to what my other fellow Cold War era players want to see released in the space age. I for one, hope they increase the airstrip capacity by one, as well as another aircraft type. Some...
  8. KingCally


    Hi all, I am a level 278 CWA player and to this day, I can’t make good use of the Bomber air troop. I have her fully researched and upgraded so as one would assume, she should be some what useful. Sam Batteries upgraded to a reasonable level can still one shot destroy a full HP Bomber unit. Has...
  9. KingCally

    MRL Splash Damage

    TinSoldier Before the defender hp buff, I used the MRL units —a lot. With this latest rebalance, I haven’t noticed anything different. The so called “ splash damage” doesn’t seem to do a thing. Has anyone else noticed this? I issued a friendly challenge on my base and deployed one to see it in...
  10. KingCally

    MRL Buff Sugestion

    After reading Joe’s post regarding the upcoming MRL troop buff, I thought I’d voice my opinion on how to make this unit more useful. As a level 277 CWA player, I - like many, have invested a great amount of time, oil and real money into maxing this unit out, only to have it rendered useless...
  11. KingCally

    Twitch Live Stream

    Hello everyone, I strongly erdge anyone who will be watching the live stream to ask questions about their intent on fixing the game. We all know that Tin Soldier will be trying to sell us Troop Tactics the majority of the stream, but please don’t let this distract you from the fact that they...
  12. KingCally

    Rebalance How Troops Survive

    I think we can all agree that the MOST frustrating part about this rebalance is the constant losing of one’s army. In saying that, i believe that a very sensible way to rebalance troop training, would be any troops who survive after the second or third star on a base get to go home regardless...
  13. KingCally

    Speed Ups

    TinSoldier : Why can’t speed ups be applied to troop retrain times - specifically airstrip troops. This would make the archive somewhat useful, and not a complete waste of time.
  14. KingCally

    New Users Defending Rebalance

    Any ideas on these new accounts defending the rebalance? It can’t actually be Nexon employees trying to save face... can it?
  15. KingCally

    Nation Rebalance ?

    Has anyone heard if the nations will be rebalanced, and if so, in what stage? I’m thinking about switching from the Germans to the British, to help take down defending Heavy Tanks. The point was made that I should wait to see if they rebalance Nations, to which I agree. -Thanks
  16. KingCally

    Defending Heavy Tanks

    Why was the decision put forth to allow for invincible Heavy Tanks? My max CWA Heavy Tanks barely stand a chance against MK 6 heavy tanks now!!! I’ve invested so much time and oil into my tanks, so that on OFFENCE they have the upper hand. What a f***ing waste of time that was. Thanks again Nexon.
  17. KingCally

    Elephant sale

    After the countless complaints about EAs being over powered, and being the reason this rebalance happened In the first place (too many five star victories in ww) i feel like Nexon is SPITTING IN OUR FACES with yet another EA sale. It’s painfully obvious that the rebalance is simply to help drive...
  18. KingCally

    Nexon Logic

    TinSoldier Can you please ask your team why they insist on implementing changes that they deem as an improvement, even when the very vast majority of community figure heads, of which represent your most active and dedicated players, begged and pleaded that the changes not be made . As they...
  19. KingCally

    Nexons Silent Majority

    Seen as there must be an overwhelming majority of players who voiced their concerns to Nexon as they felt defence was in dire need of a buff, this is your chance! Say hi, Introduce yourself to us all. Oh wait...
  20. KingCally

    Villa Sale

    Is this building permant or temporary? The price tag would indicate that it’s permanent but, that may be too good to be true.