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  1. TTPranto

    Loading circles

    Its gone, finally. The nightmare is over. There was an update, was this it?
  2. TTPranto

    Fix the bugs already

    Its probably god knows how many days since the damned loading circle haunts me. I finish a battle and I need to video or istant retrain my troops so that I don't have to buy my mercs again, wait at least 2 hours till my war tactics have been trained and wait 22 hours till my generals are usable...
  3. TTPranto

    some more feature requests

    First of fix the game. Man these are embarassing bugs. Now the features, Give us a War chat where we can talk to the opponents of the enemy team. Instant train blessing is needed. Seeing how bad the server connectivity has become. This is needed. I lost 6 Instant retrains (1h) to the spinning...
  4. TTPranto


    My account is connected to facebook, but I can't find the people who are my friends in fb in the friends section in the medals list. This wasn't an issue before, whats going on? This must be a bug.
  5. TTPranto

    My problem with drone age troop skins

    Is there a reason why every troop looks the same in drone age?? Unique troops don't look unique. Just their stats are higher and lower. Are all troops supposed to look the same in drone age? Just because nobody talks about it doesn't mean the issue doesn't exist. Its painful to see roman unique...
  6. TTPranto

    Drone Factory????

    So um, when will you release this? You keep telling us its coming, but when? At least give us a deadline, so that we can expect it. Very curious to see what offensive and defensive aspects of the game drones would touch. Would be happy if you people gave out some updates about your progress...
  7. TTPranto

    My take on generals (again but simplier) + new troop idea

    Okay so I want to do my idea for generals, again but this time I will be more simple and transparent. I won't be restricted to giving them troops or abilities based on their real life counterparts. I might change some abilities for some generals and for some I might keep them. I will randomly...
  8. TTPranto


    So uh, does anyone use MRLs ? Or does anyone even know how to use them?
  9. TTPranto

    A simple immediate solution to high level war defence problems.

    Just buff the egyptian, maori, russian coalitions at level 8. Probably add a new defensive coalition from digital age that reduces the duration of sabotage by 5 - 7 seconds max. Decreases the recon damage percentage.
  10. TTPranto

    My take on National rebalance

    There are three types of nations in my suggestion. Those are offensive, defensive and a mix of both. I wont include a economy focused nation as all nations will inherit some sort of economic bonus along with offensive or defensive bonus. Romans (offensive nation) : - 10% more troop space (+%7...
  11. TTPranto

    An idea proposal for generals

    Why not have tactical bonuses from all generals other than from just sun tzu? The reason is simply to spice up the game and make it a little more interesting. Generals in real life affect the military and the strategies and on the field tactics. Some ancient generals also had political...
  12. TTPranto

    Paratrooper skin bug

    low level paratroopers display drone age paratroopers skin
  13. TTPranto

    Upgrade times

    Shouldn't the upgrade times shorten for lower ages the more new ages are released so that it is easier to catch up to the new ages?? I heard criticism that this would not allow players to enjoy the lower ages more, or that this would make players reach endgame content faster where there wont be...
  14. TTPranto

    A weird idea for ranged infantry

    What if, we turned current ranged infantry troops into snipers/sharpshooters/marksmen. They have higher troop capacity of 3 or 2. But they have a good long range( not too long, probably the range of mortars), 1 shot damage against defender foot soldiers ( excluding tanks ), they could be...
  15. TTPranto

    A feature request in the museum

    So after the x5 11% chance for main hall artifacts event. I spent 1 hour trying to find the good attributes I want for my base and army. It was overall unsuccessful. I got what I wanted but its locked in the 4th star and fifth star with a 6% and 11% attribute. I spent around 30k+ fragments which...
  16. TTPranto

    A revamp idea proposal for the barrage war tactic

    The barrage is like the demolition, it uses up many war tactics to destroy stronghold and donated troops while heavy enemy towers remain. The effect overall is minimal. Which makes it a bad tactic even for lower ages. I suggest that we give this war tactic a brand new purpose and mechanic. The...
  17. TTPranto

    Singleplayers, weekly missions, challenges

    We should get more singleplayer modes with increasing rewards. There are many many wars that can be included in the game as a singleplayer. They should have increased rewards please. Weekly missions should be a couple of pre designed battles where the devs give a base to attack, gives you some...
  18. TTPranto

    Inter-alliance artifact trading feature

    I think this was mentioned before but can we recieve the ability to trade normal artifacts within alliances?
  19. TTPranto

    Some defensive ideas

    I) Reduction of the number of troop tactics a player can bring to battle. II) Increase the attack speed of anti-tank guns. They take almost forever to shoot. Starting from atomic age, increasing further more in digital age. III) Add suppression/slow effect in the attacks from...
  20. TTPranto

    Some more unique ideas and gameplay features

    World war army tab : here you get to see the troops you have for world war attacks, you can see their stats which are applicable for world wars only. You also have the ability to choose what generals you want for defence in world wars instead of just the top three highest ranking ones. New...