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  1. Dracula3811

    What's in the 10.2 update?

    Saw there was an update. Updated to check things out. Apparently the update affects the council building. •3 cards to fuse instead of 4 is good. •another button to press when recruiting is a step in the wrong direction. I don't recruit anymore because it's too time consuming of a process...
  2. Dracula3811

    New leaderboards and world wars

    During the stream, it was stated that ww and mp attacks and defenses would affect your triumph score. Your triumph score is then compared to others in your assigned group. The top spots get damage buffs to their troops in addition to other buffs. I asked this in the stream but was never...
  3. Dracula3811

    Not getting any ntgs

    I took screenshots of my storage before and after raids. Ntgs show up in the attack logs but they don't get added into the storage. This is a serious problem and should've been found if updates were tested prior to release.
  4. Dracula3811

    Artifact survey sent to vip is inaccessible

    Leviathan Since we don't have a vip rep and cs is useless I'm posting here. I got sent the survey and tried to fill it out. The link asked my to sign in to my Google account. Then it said i didn't have permission to access the link. Kind of hard to fill it out if i can't access it.
  5. Dracula3811

    Best idea ever!

    Fix existing bugs before releasing new content. Also, test updates before releasing them.
  6. Dracula3811

    Rubies are limited by command post level instead of storage capacity

    Leviathan There's a cap on how many rubies you can earn each war depending on the command post level. Level 7 is 960, level 8 is 1020. Idk the others. Here's how the rubies are calculated. Base plus alliance and parliament boosts. Event boost (2x) Subtotal (the amount on the final war...
  7. Dracula3811

    Where are the alliance perk 16-20?

    The info update notes said alliance perks 16-20 were added this update. It’s been a few days and yet no perks added yet. Also, speaking of perks, what’s the status on perk 3? We’ve been waiting since Sally Ride got added to the uni to have it fixed.
  8. Dracula3811

    Various suggestions

    1. We don’t have enough alliances that war. To encourage more wars maybe have one of nexon’s events be centered around world wars. 5x war loot. Points for hitting same to higher age. Points for surviving troops, destroying enemy defenders, destroying defensive buildings, qv, completely clearing...
  9. Dracula3811

    What stats are we really looking at?

    BHG_Muet what are the base stats for stuff? The wiki tries but there are errors. I’ve asked and waited for months for this info. Why can’t we access this info ingame? Also what numbers are we actually seeing? Uni and lib only? mp museum? War museum? We don’t know cause it doesn’t say. Here’s...
  10. Dracula3811

    Which bugs were fixed?

    BHG_Muet TinSoldier what bugs (if any) were actually fixed with the DA release? We know it wasn’t the alliance perk 3, the plane crashes, matrix or any of the problems related to the forest expansion. We did see some artwork swapping and the training blessing being broken. The broken tb makes...
  11. Dracula3811

    Library artwork switched

    Library chp 11 mobile forces and chp 14 reconnaissance aircraft have their artwork switched.
  12. Dracula3811

    No event rewards

    BHG_Muet TinSoldier I’m assuming it’s because I didn’t pay for the event pass but it’s been over 24 hours and I haven’t received anything. I was 17th in my group.
  13. Dracula3811

    Alliance perk 3 still not working

    BHG_Muet is the alliance perk 3 problem going to be fixed with the DA release or is it going to stay perpetually broken?
  14. Dracula3811

    Could not begin searching for world war at this time

    BHG_Muet we’re unable to spin wars. Tried multiple devices and both iOS and Android. Also both house internet and cell phone internet. What’s going on?
  15. Dracula3811

    Can't log in

    Since no one has posted this yet when are we going to be able to login to the game again? There are wars starting and ending that are greatly impacted by this. War times should automatically get extended for server outages. I'm not even going to ask for compensation because who wants 2 more...
  16. Dracula3811

    War attack crashes

    Age old topic but a crucial one. I have stable internet and a newer device. I was making an easy war attack. Just got the qv, tc and 50% when the game crashed. It wasn't the dead plane in the tray because I'd only sent the planes out once. It wasn't dropping troops at the newer forest area...
  17. Dracula3811

    My rubies disappeared!

    Where are my rubies? They're not listed in the alliance gate like they used to be. Does this mean Marco won't accept rubies anymore and he only takes crowns?TinSoldier
  18. Dracula3811

    Planning community events

    Since there's no friendly alliance wars yet what's the best way to contact someone at nexon to set up community wars and prizes? I've tried discord but that doesn't work reliably. TinSoldier
  19. Dracula3811

    Why penalties for traveling?

    Hey Nexon, why are we being penalized so harshly for traveling between alliances? There's no justification for it.
  20. Dracula3811

    Yet another group of suggestions from Angels N Vamps. Clearing the backlog!

    1. Have sets of artifacts in the museum and bonuses for active complete sets 2. Live help chat in game. Manned by volunteers. 3. Expand the single player campaign. Extend into GA and AA bases. 4. Be able to reset the single player campaigns (no crown rewards after the first time through). I...