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    Barracks Troops

    It the devs really wanted to bring Barracks Troops back into the action all they had to do was remove the Missile Silo & compensate us for the oil used. It was the Silo that killed off the Barrack Troops to easily that essentially made us all go to Factory Troops.
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    Aus Elite 1 Recruiting Now

    Aus Elite 1 are looking for dedicated, long-term active people to join us in our quest for World Domination.
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    Dedicated Warmongers look no further

    We are a constantly at war alliance that allow you to make up your own mind who to attack in the alliances best interests. Donations are a must, taking both battles is a must & having fun whilst doing it. We are an easygoing bunch who are happy to pass on our skills and first class troops. Join...
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    Should I upgrade my Factory to get Bazookas?

    I have enough oil to upgrade my Factory to the level where I can get Bazookas. I don't see much discussion on these units as to whether they are an effective troop. The alternative is to use the oil on more aircraft upgrades, maybe that's better value, I at least know what they are capable of...
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    Aus Elite 1 recruiting now

    If you are an active player who wants to be part of a dedicated team join us at Aus Elite 1. We are looking to improve our war numbers for greater glory. You need to have 1000 medals and be willing to engage in chat and on our outside communication app Band where we can help you to improve your...
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    Aus Elite 1 is an active war alliance aiming to DOMINATE our enemies. We give quality donations to all members, use an outside chat line for communications and have members from all over the world. Our minimum medal requirements are GP and above and 700 medals. Join us now and experience life...
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    This topic has been an ongoing issue for our Alliance since the last major update. In the last 5 weeks we have not had a single new member join. As the leader I have lowered the medal requirements, advertised on the forums, advertised on Facebook with no success. Our Alliance is slowly withering...
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    Aus Elite 1

    Aus Elite 1 Another crushing victory for our winning team. Join this friendly alliance and share the spoils.
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    Aus Elite 1

    We are now recruiting active members GP and above with 700+ medals. This is an active war alliance with the expectation that you will always battle twice and actively donate and receive troops. Existing members are more than happy to give advice on town layouts and troop combos. Join us now and...