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    Idea for New Domination: 1 Year Reset Mode

    Dear all, I got this inspiration from Card Games, like HeartStone and Magic the Gathering. I saw 1 game as well that develop like this, 1 year competing, after that reset to beginning. You can say it's a rogue like game but with 1 year duration. At the beginning, Heartstone doesn't have 2...
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    Please add current number of NTG we have during attack

    As requested in title.Currently I have to remember what NTG I lack before clicking Battle MP, and some time after a few click next, I lost it :o. It would be helpfull if not only NTG chance shown but our current NTG as well. Thank's a lot. Rgds.
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    Please add Upgrade and Reroll to Benefit of Artifact

    Currently I'm holding up to upgrade my artifact because it's very costly (especially blueprint + supplies). I'm waiting for very very good artifact, close to legendary level with good benefit. But I don't know when I'll get that :rolleyes:. With that condition, I'm proposing to add Upgrade and...
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    Incentive for Leader/ Co-leader in alliance

    To Domination Dev team, Please give incentive to leader & co-leader of an alliance. The Rule: you can only change leader, co-leader, and council during War Plan only 1 leader (as of now) 1 co-leader + additional 1 for each 10 member in War 1 council for each 5 member in War...