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    Saturn Rising needs you

    If you are looking for a friendly bunch who love to war but also realise real life is also important then come and say hello. We are a developing alliance ranging from beginners to cwa.
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    Replays seem to be worse than ever

    In our last war several members, me included have 5* bases but on replay it’s like an alternative reality! It’s never been perfect but now it seems worse than ever. I have even kicked one guy as I thought he was cheating but then it happened on my attack.
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    Latest update crashes when trying to open on android

    I so wished I hadn’t updated but I did and now the game doesn’t even open. I just get a message saying DomiNations has stopped! There was supposed to be a second update to correct this but 10 hours later and it’s still not available. Is there anyone who knows when this is going to be sorted...
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    Hello all, looks like an interesting site