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    Unlimited Free Stronghold units

    100% of our WW we face ALL players renfo'ed by 4 stronghols units and they ALL attack each attack with 4 sronghold units. When we try doing this we loose stronghold units, in defense or attack.Is this a cheat ? If yes,don't hesitate do share, as this is completely unfair.Really Fed up with this...
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    WW Artefacts not really working

    Hello Domi community. I've made 3 simple tests on my own ww base as Friendly challenge and depending on what i put in museum tried to see how many planes attacks I need to destroy an isolated Air defense.Results I don't understand. Fyi I'm info Age maxed more or less everything, well at least...
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    16 -18 Planes Cheat

    Can someone share the cheat please ? 10 ww in a row we have cheaters with between 14-19 planes without counting all other stronghold units.Dominations doing nothing. PM welcome
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    Notre ally France Alliance cherche joueurs actifs

    Bonjour les guerriers, Alliance d'une vingtaine de membres, gloire de 20.000 ( 150 gm gagnées et 5 perdues ), 4 nucléaire,4 mondiale, 2 indus,2 lumières et eres poudre cherche à se renforcer en ere indus,lumières voire au dessus..Tres bonne ambiance conviviale et à la cool sans se prendre la...
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    Players Holidays

    When a player has vacations, is there a way that another player from the ally can manage his account ? Temporarely of course ? In other games I played on the web, this was possible and then player going on vacations had the choice to designate another player from his ally and choose whether this...