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    State of the game

    How’s the game since the Done Age release? Are player numbers still strong? Curious as I’m tempted to reinstall the game after a 2 month absence, but at the same time apprehensive
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    Option to lock artifacts

    It would be great to have the ability to toggle a lock on artifacts which are not on display. When crafting it’s way too easy to accidentally sell an artifact which you’d like to keep. I don’t mean any nugatory and annoying prompts like “are you sure you want to sell this”, but an actual lock...
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    Bring back the original game app icon

    With the new app icon, it kind of blends in with games like boom beach, clash of clans, clash royale etc. One of the things that separated dominations from those games is that it’s less cartoony. Also nothing beats the head of Cleopatra and I miss it. New isn’t always better
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    fragment return

    After yesterday’s update, when crafting two and three star artefacts, the return on fragments has been greatly reduced. If you levelled up three rows of the artefact costing 120 (40 x 3) blue prints, so each row is level 2, the return used to be 660 blue prints and 600 fragments. Now it’s only...
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    server down?

    Having problems connecting to the server at the moment
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    200 bucks for an artifact?

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    What I’d like to see are DoniNation alliance tournaments with live streams. Where alliances play for incentives, cash and/or in-game bonuses. Clash of Clans are doing this. I truly believe this will invigorate the game. Something totally achievable with the clampdown on cheating. On a side...
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    Locking artifacts

    Sorry if this has already been suggested, but could we introduce a feature whereby we have the ability to lock artifacts, so we don’t unintentionally or accidentally sell them? I like swapping out artifacts depending on attacks, so when they’re no on display, they’re at risk of being sold.
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    What’s happening?

    I haven’t seen any cheaters the last week. The game seems stable and bhg comms have vastly improved. What is this pleasant parallel universe I’ve stepped into? The game is kind of enjoyable again!
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    100 crowns

    I just logged into the game and received 100 crown gift. Anyone else get this? What gives? I’m suspicious by the generosity of BHG!
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    Colombia army

    Has anyone had a weird experience against this alliance in wars? One of their players daniel1304 is max DA with level 80 generals. All the new generals as well like zhukov and petra. They had Industrial Age bases attacking us with AA mercs, and some of them were using 9 fighters and 1 recon (all...
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    An idea for BHG

    How about you guys at BHG conduct a survey and find out from actual players what they’d most like to see in the game? Take the top 3 suggestions and implement those for the next big release. Forget about the Information Age. Going by history, you know it’ll be a fail. Stick by the agile...
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    Image uploads

    Seems screenshots exceed the multipart limit for image uploads on some devices. So now that I’ve figured it out, and being unable to send screenshot to CS, here’s a list of cheaters.
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    Color assigning

    A few months back everyone was assigned to a specific color for grouping purposes. I was assigned to cyan. Did anything come of that? Which group won? Did I miss something? What happened to these groups?
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    Dear BHG

    Please can I get a refund for all the in-game transactions I’ve made over the last 4/5 years? During the time of making these transactions, I had no idea how wilfully BHG was doing nothing to stem the cheating, and I had no idea I was paying to compete against so many cheaters. Once this is...
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    How willing are you to pay?

    Given the high volume of cheating going on, and BHGs silence on the matter, how willing are you to pay for stuff in the game?
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    unable to attach images in game

    I’m unable to upload images to customer support in game. I’ve noticed an increase with bases having all their buildings upgrading simultaneously. Once you attach the screenshot, there’s no way of getting back to the ticket to submit. This is happening on iOS 13, iphone 8 plus.
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    Hey, maybe don’t schedule big releases, or any releases for that matter, on a weekend. Don’t have the stats available, but guessing weekends are peak load. Nothing like letting the customer being your testing team. Payslip is in the post!
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    teh games broke

    Yes i tried loging in and teh gaem it is broke agaib it is always faling to coneect to teh servers becoz this game is rubbish now pay to win copy the clash of teh clans with new features 20 bucks are yous mad? Still lots of teh chaeating and haxoring yuo guys suck!
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    Another video

    For some reason I can’t upload images to the forum from my phone. A few days ago I reported - Player: Nick Alliance: Christians When I reported him, he was at GA level 213. He’s now at AA level 225. He’s climbed 12 levels in 3 days. He’s also got a permanent peace treaty. He’s still rocking...