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    There needs to be a way to remove mercenary campfires

    Dear Devs, I do not want Chinese Hand Cannons. I do not need Chinese Hand Cannons. I am not going to dump my Tank Destroyers to get rid of this eyesore and waste of space. Please add a way to remove these without hiring the mercs. Thank you
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    Different Generals should give extra national trade goods based on their level

    Alexander gives an extra chance of scrolls Cleopatra gives an extra chance of marble Joan of Arc and Napoleon give an extra chance of cheese Nobunaga gives an extra chance of silk MacArthur gives an extra chance of porcelain Churchill gives an extra chance of timber Zhukov gives an extra...
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    Enlightenment Age Rush issues

    My game says that the Enlightenment Age Rush has started, however no discounts are being applied. I play on Android, and it's 15:00 UTC.
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    Discovered a building stacking glitch

    Examples can be found in the attached photo and video