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  1. Exiliado

    Burj Al Arab not reducing time for Roads, Shipyard

    I found that Burj Al Arab is not reducing the upgrade time for Roads and the Shipyard.
  2. Exiliado

    Event Production Boost Not Working?

    I knew that something felt wrong this week when the production boost from the rush event was supposed to have gone from 40% to 50%. I checked the numbers for my level 11 oil wells: Basis production rate (per Dominations wiki): 165 per hour My current boosts from technology, VIP, Lotus, and...
  3. Exiliado

    Savable Museum Profiles

    So today if I want to attack I have to open the museum, swap the Gladius for the Horn Club, swap the Hunga Munga for Andrea Doria's Arbalest, swap the Georgian Lover's Knot for Pachacuti's Incan Jewelry, and swap the Monile Necklace for Albrecht Durer's Watch. Then when I am finished attacking...
  4. Exiliado

    DomiNations: A Marathon

    To celebrate my two-year anniversary of beginning the game and reaching a milestone today, I am sharing a little history, a look back—and a word of encouragement. Enjoy! (length: 4 minutes)
  5. Exiliado

    Greek Nation Refund Not Working With Bastions Initial Construction

    In Bastions 7.1 (iOS), The Greek nation refund is not working with the initial construction of bastions. See video for illustration.
  6. Exiliado

    Space Age Unique Units

    Even though barracks troops are not the most popular these days I am still interested to know about the Space Age unique nation troops. Please share a little info about them if you can. Thanks!
  7. Exiliado

    All-Nation Global Age Troop Composition

    Here is a Global age troop composition suitable for any nation and fun for multiplayer attacking. Ideal opponents would be Industrial age bases where planes can reach the ATG's. 2 heavy tank mk3, 2 tanks, 8 heavy bazookas, 4 field mortars (fully researched), 2 heavy supply trucks, 2 assault...
  8. Exiliado

    Guns of the Sultan

    Training unique troops to win rewards is ... odd? Since one troop does not an army make. Tank nations probably have it the worst, but no, I am not going to switch nations just for this. Love the Janissary though. My strategy is to throw down a training blessing and use my tanks to snipe...
  9. Exiliado

    But That's Not The Way It Happened!

    Replays attempt to recreate battles using a record of troop deployments and rallies. Often they fail to faithfully reproduce the original battle. The question is why? In today's episode of "But That's Not The Way It Happened!", the battle and replay seem to match up at first glance. See if you...
  10. Exiliado

    Attack log amount stolen does not correctly reflect Museum artifact loot bonus

    The amount of resources displayed in the attack log does not include the additional resources stolen due to All Resources Looted bonus from a Museum artifact. Example: I have Queen Victoria's Brooch on display with +15% All Resources Looted. I attack a base that has 1688 oil. I have 28698 oil...
  11. Exiliado

    How do you deal with NTG's/Coalitions/War?

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  12. Exiliado

    Greeks: The Bonus That Nobody Understands

    The Greeks have this bonus: "Instantly finish upgrades and General recovery under 15 minutes for Free, plus 5 minutes per age". Now, if you have spent any time at all reading the online comments about this feature, you will discover the following: that everybody - or almost everybody - that...
  13. Exiliado

    Best Nation for 2018

    A new year ... Vote for your pick for best nation in 2018! :cool:
  14. Exiliado


    Hello to TinSoldier and fellow DomiNators and best wishes for 2018! :D