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    Spinning yellow circle

    Hi! Please, asap fix problems when playing with instant retrain blessing. Yellow circle shows after retrain, everything blocks, player need to exit/enter to game and then he don't have army, generals, merc troops anymore. Game is really unplayable right now and lot of member from my team and...
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    Glory in war

    @TheWise @Harlems369th I think it's time to change way of giving glory from war. Absolutely is unfair to be just on leaderboard position of team. It should be by power of team what u use for matchmaking. Also you need some improvements on matchmaking. We just got a team with 20 drone/info...
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    Today update

    Hi @TheWise After today update game is not working. Geting kicked with internet connection error It seams only on android
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    Hrvatska elita need players for bigger war

    Hi We are perks 16 with good parliament. We need active warriors from atomic to info age to join us so we can play 30vs30(curently 20vs20). Travelers are also welcome.
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    Need more players, atomic+

    Hi Hrvatska elita needs active war players, ages atomic and up. We are perks 16,with info age donations and good parliament. We do war to war so consider joining us and have fun with us. Come and look at us.
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    Need more players, atomic+

    Hi Hrvatska elita(perks 16),very good in parliament is searching for couple players, ages atomic and above to info who want to join us and do war to war. Donations are info age. Come, introduce yourself, see our Parliament and decide. ​​​