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    why do we need a facebook connection?

    I neither use facebook login nor do i even have an facebook account at all. Nevertheless the android app (try to) establish multiple connections to faccbook e.g. and and continuously repeat these connection. Why the heck do you need these connections? What...
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    We need an option for easy open shipments from inventory

    Videos, league boat and others spamming our inventory with small, large and giant gold or food shipments. within some weeks you get hundreds of them. It is really pain to take them to your map and open them. Sometimes the center will move slightly so you can place the next with 1 tap; but...
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    timer for law contribution report

    It seem that there is a hidden 24 hour timer for the reports: If i receive the report on Monday at 15:00 then it comes Tuesday not before 15:00. But if i am not online on Tuesday at 15:00 so i get the report later. e.g. i come online and receive the report at 17:00. Then on Wednesday the report...
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    Legal Contributions - BUG

    We have achieved "legal contributions level 1" some days ago. I spend 5 crowns and 10 crowns. After restarting the game the research points are reduced by 1. I found this bug 2 days ago. yesterday i could confirm. Today i recorded the donations and take a screenshot after restart.
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    Device Deprication

    Your announcement 'device deprication' is very unspecific. Could someone (e.g. TinSoldier, BHG_Muet ) please make this clear? Do I only get this message if you have found old hardware in the past few months? What are the new requirements? (minimal Android version, memory, processor or whatever)
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    asking for alliance help while upgrade buildings

    I think it would be great if we could get alliance help for all improvements ... for example 5min reduction for any help from members ... or asking each one to donate 10'000 resources
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    searching for a game progress tracker

    Is there a online tool to track game progress like for Clash of Clans ? Or some dominations enthusiasts who like to develop such a tool with me?