• Instant Retrain Blessing Update
    We're working on a solution for players who have repeated issues retraining troops. If you're not encountering any problems while using the Instant Retrain Blessing, feel free to continue using the Instant Retrain Blessing. However, if you are still experiencing issues retraining troops and have used an Instant Retrain Blessing, please reach out to CS.

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    NTG Discussion: How to solve the NTG problem once and for all

    While you fixed the NTG University Weight bug on around Dec 16, 2021, the new NTG system makes it more difficult to gain desired NTGs. This problem is elevated by how NTGs are assigned to war coalitions. For example, Americans+Ethiopians is by far the most popular offensive coalition...
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    Today's Update created Ghosts

    Today's maintenance update created an issue for many members, likely members that have traveled (switched alliances) in the past week or so. The exact reason and conditions are unknown. Problem: alliance members are not listed in their current alliance (in other words, they are not listed...
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    Information Age Update (v9.0) Slowed Down Planes

    All planes are slower now. Please let us know if this was intentional or is a bug.
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    Expired SSL certificate

    As anyone seeing this noticed (but I'll post anyways), your SSL certificate expired (on 7/27/2020). Time to renew it. Unrelated, hope you have a plan to never let the bighugegames.com domain expire :)
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    Event: Lunar New Year: Red Envelopes: 750 HT

    Today's goal ("Red Envelopes") has a bug. It requires us to build 750 heavy tanks in the next 5 days. 1 HT = 1/750. Likely it was suppose to be troop space (e.g., 24 or 25 per HT) and not HT count. Even 75 HT would be too many; albeit somewhat doable (although annoying). There's no way that it...
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    Thanks for the White Death's War Kit

    Thanks for offering the White Death's War Kit legendary war jacket to everyone this Holiday Event, much appreciated! As far as I remember, we've had the following free museum legendaries: Main Hall: Admiral Yi's Helmet Twice, old event system for everyone Christmas Football Twice; once...
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    Troops Donated/Received Values Reset Often

    I can't determine when it happens, but it resets often now... multiple times today my Troops Donated/Received values reset to 0 yet Lifetime Donated continues fine. Is this happening for others? It's not happening for everyone in my alliance. Sure it's a minor bug but it's annoying nonetheless...
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    Bored? Try Traveling.

    Here's a workaround for those not enjoying life in top-ish alliances; especially those that contain all Space/Digital Age players. Alliances that constantly face 4 Bomber/Vickers attacks, and/or premium cards every war, and/or feel pressure to spend, and/or hate the 8x3 NTG grind, and/or are...
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    National Trade Good (NTG) Solutions/Discussion

    Note: please keep this thread civil; attempt to find realistic solutions rather than rant; I beg of you. Today, securing NTGs is a grind. Fully doable but a grind. The Digital Age makes this increasingly difficult and frustrating for Space Age / Digital Age players, frustrating to the point to...
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    Reduce all upgrade times by half.

    Cut all upgrade times by half; for all ages. If this is too scary than limit it to Industrial and below. It's time. Do it. More people will continue to play if they can reach Industrial in a reasonable time frame; same is probably true up to Atomic but is less obvious. Get folks hooked on...
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    Forest Clearing: revealed mercenary campfires block surrounding (pre-existing) area

    When clearing a forest and revealing a mercenary campfire (e.g., 'Templar Knight Campfire'), the campfire (potentially) blocks previously cleared territory. This bug causes existing buildings to unplace themselves in the map editor. The workaround is to use (recruit) the revealed mercenaries...
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    Disallow Iron Age bases 5 starring Cold War / Space Age bases (bonus: and 1s 5 star attacks)

    Disallow Iron Age bases 5 starring Cold War / Space Age bases (bonus: and 1s 5 star attacks) Disallow ages below Industrial (Iron to Enlightenment) to ever 5 star CW+ bases. Record 0 or 1 star no matter what happens. This would require a bit more effort to create throwaway Industrial cheating...
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    Speed Ups disappearing and crashing system

    The current Speed up / Wall Manual event introduced a bug that does the following: * Speed Up is used (disappears) but does not speed up the building/research * Speed Up usage is logged for the wall manual event * Speed Up usage crashes the Dominations application To summarize, speed ups...
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    Make 5 Star victories give NTGs 100% of the time

    Please make 5-star victories give NTGs 100% of the time. The NTG grind is, well, a real grind, and it's a sad feeling to find that difficult-to-find nation (e.g., Japanese) for a much needed NTG only to get nothing after a 5-star effort.
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    Option to quickly Medal Down

    Add an option to quickly medal down. We'd pay crowns or watch advertisements to do this; say, 20 crowns for -1000 medals. Or 1 advertisement for -300 medals and we can watch at least 5. The medaling down pain is real; it's a grind; let us give you money.
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    Immediate Artifact Sell Option

    Since we sell about 99% of artifacts, please add a "sell" option on the initial artifact reveal so it never shows up in storage. As a bonus (won't happen but one can dream), add an "Automatically sell non-awesome artifacts" feature with a few options that define "awesome" like "First two stars...
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    Not-so-serious feature requests

    Might be fun to suggest strange and funny requests based on truth, we'll see, here's a start: * Sometimes gates open for no apparent reason; we need open/close gate functionality * Two gates can't be placed next to each other; sometimes we need quadruple doors (e.g., to fit heavy Mk1 tanks)...
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    Increase war matchup time limit

    Please increase the amount of time allowed to find a fair war matchup. Too often war matchups are unbalanced, so decreasing the allowed matchup variance (and as such, increasing the time to find a fair match) feels like a simple way to help create more balanced war matchups.