• Instant Retrain Blessing Update
    We're working on a solution for players who have repeated issues retraining troops. If you're not encountering any problems while using the Instant Retrain Blessing, feel free to continue using the Instant Retrain Blessing. However, if you are still experiencing issues retraining troops and have used an Instant Retrain Blessing, please reach out to CS.

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    some more feature requests

    People also want global chat like in clash of clans. Makes alliance finding easier. This is a big one but I want a “colony” mechanic in the game. Like first starting by unifying your nation under your rule and each province yielding buffs. Then colonies to build up, declare war on and again...
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    The command post needs to be/do more

    For some reason people don’t upgrade the command post up to a certain age. Aside from war loot capacity and the 1 off wave it soo lame and useless (and that annoying pop up saying loot is here I get it now go away) This building is oozing with potential and this is what I think it can do. 1...
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    Defensive buildings update

    https://xen.bighugegames.com/index.php?threads/some-defensive-ideas.28255/ Just got inspired by your post.
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    The drone command. When will you show up.

    When you showing more details of the drone command. I maybe enlightenment age and it will take a VERY long time to get there but I want to see what it is.
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    Defensive buildings update

    Once gunpowder age is reached some buildings do need a revamp for defence and more once industrial reached Cannon tower: +1 range in gunpowder and +1 more in industrial age Redoubt: +1 in Industrial Age. (Library has suppression techs already) Tower: critical strike in gunpowder ( chance to...
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    council book case idea

    At this point the council needs a lot of work to make it better. So it needs an entire bookcase to make it good. Chapter 1: increase free daily summons by 5 ( 5 for each chapter researched for 25 extra summons). Chapter 2: reduce cool-down of free daily summons by 5% ( for a total of 25%)...
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    They need a rework. Perhaps a range of 8 would be enough. They’re factory version of artillery aren’t they.
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    My take on National rebalance

    New nations ideas Spanish Expeditions need 1 less citizen and take 20% less time Searching for enemy bases are free Domination gold bonus +20% Unique unit: conquistador ( cavalry). multiplier against resource buildings (x2) and 1 less troop space (2 when industrial) Scandinavia Beserker (...
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    Wonder update ( need some love)

    Bronze age Acropolis: 30% more health and damage for defenders, reduce spawn time around radius by 30% (+1 more range of it) Hanging gardens: 30% more resource from fruit trees and goldmines in radius (+1 radius), 30% more resources from hunting. 10% more chance to find resources from hunting...
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    My take on a Stronghold upgrade/rebalance

    The stronghold should have the following 1. The tower (gold dome) has a cannon for targeting cavalry. Good for Iron Age where heavy cavalry are unopposed till the classical age. 2. The cannon for splash damage to infantry and range infantry. I’d like 2 damage types like the super tanks hence...
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    An idea proposal for generals

    My interpretation for general buffs (there was a post on it but it was gone amidst the forum update) Alexander: continuously spawns companion cavalry (3 on first wave with max of 4). Increases troop level and max cap of companion cavalry and max cap+1 at max general level per age Cleopatra: 6...
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    The world war chests during “of the ages” events

    I’d also like these ages events and other discount events to include time deductions alongside the discounts. Ie: the medieval rush has prices cut in half they must do it for time in the same amount Example 2: the battle of the Somme weekend event include 25% cut in mill upgrade also means...
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    The world war chests during “of the ages” events

    It’s a great time to war cause of the better rewards and legendary artifacts. They’re far more relevant than the old rewards and I wish they were permanent with the legendary artifacts rotating every month. This would make warring more invigorating with these great rewards
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    Revamp of troop tactics and stronghold

    The limit on offensive troop tactics is welcomed. But allow the repeats for aesthetics. Generals too ( to me it’s cool to deploy 3 pike and shot armies at once). For the donated world war. You know my stance… I want them gone. Cause it’s too strong and soo maddening that the worst base designs...
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    Nation update and rebalance ( practically crying out for a spice-up)

    Greeks 20% refund on buildings 20% wonder effectiveness 20% building health Wonders make wave of companion cavalry (2 +1 per age) go up per age Unit: companion gets 50% damage and 30% more hitpoints romans 20% army size 20% barrack training time and general cooldown (less) Tactic +1...
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    Qol improvements ( quality of life improvements) for game in my opinion

    My final verdict on building and research times Buildings: 5 day max cap cause it’s predictable, matches with the speedup times and it’s a sizeable obstacle for a finite amount of buildings Library, university and blacksmith: 2 day max cap cause there are soo much researching to do it’s the...
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    Generals spawning their own troops

    I have a bunch of improvements in my post especially time. Tell me what you think of them. https://xen.bighugegames.com/index.php?threads/qol-improvements-quality-of-life-improvements-for-game-in-my-opinion.28113/
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    Drone age question?

    With this new age coming soon… where does that land the game in history/ year wise? Does it land us in the present or somewhere else close to the present depending on when drones were invented and used commercially.
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    Mercenary update and other suggestion

    1. The barrack troops got an update to make them stronger and compared to the mercenaries (aside from the tank destroyers)and they need an upgrade alongside them. Some more dps and hp and the .5 range boost for ranged infantry, the tank mercenaries etc. Namely the heavy infantry mercs. The...
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    my personal ideas on museum

    I’d like a new category of main hall artifacts: tools. The tool catagory has all the defence building buff and enemy defensive building debuff in it cause leaving pottery and jewellery with it sucks. Pottery and jewellery were economy based and was an easy category and now they overstuffed it...