• Instant Retrain Blessing Update
    We're working on a solution for players who have repeated issues retraining troops. If you're not encountering any problems while using the Instant Retrain Blessing, feel free to continue using the Instant Retrain Blessing. However, if you are still experiencing issues retraining troops and have used an Instant Retrain Blessing, please reach out to CS.

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    Latest event.

    The update would not allow me to access my accounts and in the middle of the waning hours against an enemy that had a bit that earned almost 300,000 points alone, it reinstalled and would not work for almost an hour. We lost by only 300 points. Explain the reasoning behind an update on the...
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    Looking for players.

    Punk grandads is looking for active members, all ages. We have been active since 05/2015, 17622 in valour and level 19 perks. Must be willing to war every two days and donate regularly. If you want an active group, here is your chance.