• Instant Retrain Blessing Update
    We're working on a solution for players who have repeated issues retraining troops. If you're not encountering any problems while using the Instant Retrain Blessing, feel free to continue using the Instant Retrain Blessing. However, if you are still experiencing issues retraining troops and have used an Instant Retrain Blessing, please reach out to CS.

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  1. Fatfinger

    Forum Feedback and Bug Reporting (report forum issues here)

    Both trophies and awards pages have vertical text - as per attachment.
  2. Fatfinger

    Parliament Cannon Range Bugged

    When the Parliament Defenses law is maxed level 10 the cannon range increase from 7 to 10 is not being applied. Please investigate and fix this issue.
  3. Fatfinger

    Change Event Speedup points to Event pass side

    Since the events have now changed to get points from speed ups to win, I no longer bother to buy event passes anymore since to get an artifact one is competing against the legions of speed up hackers out there. If the speed up points were obtainable only on the event pass side then I feel the...
  4. Fatfinger

    Storage blessing blocks resource refund artifacts.

    I typically leave resource refund artifacts totalling 55% when I go offline. If I use the storage blessing I would expect to get 55% + 27 % = 82% looted resources back which I do (sometimes) The problem is that when a snipe attack (typically with a high level bomber) occurs on the oil refinery...
  5. Fatfinger

    Parliament bonus not added.

    I have been checking the perk counts for our alliance before and after wars. It is clear that no additional points are being added for our Experienced Alliance law research which is level 3. The only increase is the same number as the war report,I.e. the sum of attacks against other alliance...
  6. Fatfinger

    Unable to send attachments to CS on website.

    I was trying to send attachments to the website CS nexonm.helpshift.com but was unable to. Touching the attachment box brings up the “on my iPad” window but no photos appear to be there or available for selection. I am using iOS 13. Previously it went straight to photos and I could select the...
  7. Fatfinger

    Video and video retrain issues on iOS since update

    Myself and a lot of alliance members are having issues not being able to play videos and get the video retrain on iOS post-update. Typically videos show black screen but with sounds playing in the background requiring force closing game to reset. I have the game loaded on an old android phone...
  8. Fatfinger

    Are long war spins a 50/50 gamble ?

    As I understand it the war spins open up the matching parameters wider over time. So we end up with a higher and higher chance of a mismatch as the time increases. However in every mismatch there is a big winner and a big loser : is it too simplistic to think that an alliance has an even chance...
  9. Fatfinger

    Change Daily Event Shipment

    Why can’t we move the three daily event shipments that we get on the first day to the final day instead ? Players would thus benefit from the effort put in gaining event xp over the course of the event and this would encourage participation and possibly even a few more event pass purchases...
  10. Fatfinger

    Two blue flag war icons is confusing.

    In the heat of battle , sliding right and left along the icon bar is tricky at the best of times. Perhaps we could have the merc. and coalitions icons different colours to avoid the confusion of two blue flags.
  11. Fatfinger

    Crash caused by troop tactic.

    I don’t usually use troop tactics in mp but since I was trying to finally complete the achievement of reaching Dynasty league I started to need them. Was using up lower level tt’s but experienced 3 fatal crashes losing everything. I realised that the crashes occurred when attempting to deploy...
  12. Fatfinger

    Ability to reshape base.

    Oh how I wish I could have the option, even a one time one for crowns, whereby I could unclear all my forests and then redistribute the same number of cleared sections in positions that I should have put them first time round if only I’d known better.
  13. Fatfinger

    Event Daily Drop Question

    I was wondering if it would be possible to leave the daily drop crates on the ground unopened until near the end of the event by which time one’s Event level would be as high as possible for better rewards ? I don’t even know if multiple daily drops could exist at the same time or whether a new...