• Instant Retrain Blessing Update
    We're working on a solution for players who have repeated issues retraining troops. If you're not encountering any problems while using the Instant Retrain Blessing, feel free to continue using the Instant Retrain Blessing. However, if you are still experiencing issues retraining troops and have used an Instant Retrain Blessing, please reach out to CS.

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  1. danron1376

    What's Your Ideal Video Reward?

    you still get good rewards on them so I "watch" them. i have more than 1 account so i would start an ad with one account and just battle with the other. no need to watch the ad.
  2. danron1376

    What's Your Ideal Video Reward?

    legendary tokens for sure. also, I like that you can trade X amount of food for x amount of oil. it really helps the lower ages. i'm not liking the council cards. i actually don't bother getting them. i agree with the poster that pointed out that some ads are just too long. i don't know about...
  3. danron1376

    two bugs after update

    On Android, I would get a network connection error and get booted after using the parliament once. Also, i'm not able to donate to my allies on both ios and android.
  4. danron1376

    Museum artifact upgrade bug

    just upgraded my artifacts to take advantage of the sale and now when I go to storage or when I press the button to select my artifact the game instantly crashes. Can still craft as usual. edit: the customer service contact button also causes the game to crash
  5. danron1376

    kingdom III and got an air training blessing in the daily dock

    first time seeing an air training blessing but got one today. probably the best reward if I'm not mistaken for the dock.
  6. danron1376

    let us choose between war artifacts and regular artifacts

    for those who don't war, having to craft war artifacts would be crafting something that won't be used. perhaps we should have the choice of crafting either war artifacts or regular artifacts to use in multiplayer.
  7. danron1376

    no more free crowns?

    just did the 5 daily videos and no crown rewards are offered. we only get a small amount of blueprints and needless researchers/benefactors/random artifact. does this mean they think crowns now should only be purchased with real-world money?
  8. danron1376

    next event reward - christmas truce event

    what is the reward for the upcoming event? it doesn't say, just like in the last event we don't get a heads up as to what rewards there are.
  9. danron1376

    make instant retrain available once every 8 hours instead of once per day

    With the rebalance, many people are frustrated when they lose all their armies and have to wait to retrain more often. make the instant retrain available at least once every 8 hours so people can get back to attacking again. this can make people attack more often and try for the harder bases and...
  10. danron1376

    solution to nexon's so-called 5 star problem

    if it's true that we have too many cases of bases being 5 starred, then the solution is not necessarily to boost all the defenses at the expense of offense. boosting defenses drastically has the drawback of making attacking not fun if it's too hard and that is what seems to be going on right now...
  11. danron1376

    publish level requirement for next age early

    when the space age comes, please tell us what level is needed to advance well before so we have time to prepare. many of us focus on uni research which gives no XP. when the cold war age came i had to spend 3 months upgrading before being able to advance. thanks
  12. danron1376

    up the content on the dominations youtube channel

    the official youtube channel for dominations is underutilized. the only content there are livestream replays and some featurettes. the last livestream showed that you aren't deep into playing the game on the same level as the serious players. no offense intended but your multiplayer attacks on...
  13. danron1376

    can't download app on ipad

    i was able to update dominations in my alt accounts on the iphone and android device, but not on my main account on my ipad. anyone else having this problem? i can download otther apps from the app store so the problem seems specific to dominations on the ipad
  14. danron1376

    anyone seen a base with the rocket arsenal?

    i've never come across one yet. i guess no one has completed halie selassie's capstone?
  15. danron1376

    paratrooper transport circles around forever

    this has happened twice now. i have dropped my transport near the edge of the map very close to a forest area. the transport would just circle near the area until the battle finishes without dropping any paratroopers.
  16. danron1376

    mercenary workers as resource sinks

    sometimes you have used up all your workers and your resource pool is at max or you need to hunt. i think we should be able to buy a temporary worker that is able to build walls and hunt (but not build buildings). maybe have one cost 1 million gold or food because a drawback is needed for using...
  17. danron1376

    this week's event - how to finish faster?

    any tips on how to finish this week's event the fastest? where we have to kill cavalry, stables, etc?
  18. danron1376


    just updated and unlocked the museum. looks like a variation of the university. you make an artifact that you upgrade to give bonuses (like +1% resources looted). you upgrade the museum to unlock more artifact categories which give different bonuses, just like the university.