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    Dominations-paying to win

    I share this frustration, but I hope you hang in there K Miller.
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    Sitting at the Dock of the Bay

    Great to be your muse.
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    "Leader coming soon"

    and she's a cougar, according to history books.
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    No we never got a response/compensation about our glory issue

    have you approached Apple yet
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    Seeking a Top 100 Alliance?

    character size far too large for my screen
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    Join SOFWEDZ today! You've Never Seen An Alliance Like Us!

    That's a good one! LOL
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    The game was fun until it lasted, and silence of mods here are not a good thing

    Yet another runaway, the trend goes on and BHG will run of complaints to work on.
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    Alliance level just dropped to 1

    its says sorry for the inconvenience. thats all there is
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    Alliance level just dropped to 1

    there is an acknowledgement of this issue on the Nexon chinese website though.
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    Alliance perk Reset unrightfully ruining Wars for thousands of players (alliances)

    sounds so widespread i better stop warring
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    Evidence of Players Abandoning Game

    i share your sentiments, from the start to the end of your article.
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    One more airstrip

    it is 2 yrs overdue
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    One more airstrip

    Obviously so
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    Come join HK Revo

    We are alliance perks 8. back to back warring.
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    Come join HK Revo

    bumper bumper
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    Increase the leader board to at least 500 alliances

    I was thinking of a 200-in-list, now this 500 sounds even better. Nexon - why not???
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    WAE (WORST ALLIANCE EVER) - New Alliance - Now Recruiting

    eventually they all go into silent mode