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    New UI is garbage.

    Please come back to the previous UI.
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    Network Disconnect Errors

    Too many crashes each war.
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    The Cold War Advancement 6.8 Update

    Hello, please correct asap assault rally level 4. RPG is hitting every 2 second without and every 4 second with.
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    World War Changes: Glory Decay

    Manually or automatically...there is a failure.
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    World War Changes: Glory Decay

    Looks like the glory decay is not active anymore.
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    Combat Rebalance Stage Four Patch Notes

    Indeed this rebalance is very a good loose your loyal customers. I won t invest in a nexon game anymore, unless you admit you made a big mistake.
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    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 4)

    It is funny to see all the comments from new fake users to support these new changes.