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  1. RushSkies


    Sup fellas! Still playing this game?
  2. RushSkies

    How to Effectively Combat the Cheating Issues

    Just a bump for Ironangel and Seraphine. Thanks
  3. RushSkies

    Block Taiwan ip from the game!

    Blocking the entire country is unfair. How about the other honest Taiwanese players? Have you ever consider them? and this
  4. RushSkies

    Colosseum vs Forbidden City

    Forbidden City can be taken out easily, yes but you should place wisely to gain efficiency. You should separate the FC and TC wide but not too far enough that it sticks out of edge of the base layout. Also it a common misconception that it only protect 1 star but it is 2 two stars actually. It...
  5. RushSkies

    How to Effectively Combat the Cheating Issues

    FroggyKilla Well I would also like to suggest a separate thread to discuss and trial to blacklist cheaters. In this thread were free to submit a petition to players into blacklist and the accused player may however put to trial to defend his case if necessary. Blacklisted player are...
  6. RushSkies

    How to Effectively Combat the Cheating Issues

    How to Effectively Combat the Cheating Issues I am RushSkies and I've been playing for about 1 year and 4 months now and still at Enlightenment Age - Level 119. I've seen so many cheating problems not only in this game but in every online game in different form and in large quantities. Here, I...
  7. RushSkies

    Cheater and coiners - detection... :)

    Nexon should SCAN every high level players from 150-170ish. They should able to Automatically differentiate the time account have been created and the amount of crowns it would take to finish the entire process. Cheaters are now one step ahead. Cheaters are now more cautious about the amount of...
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    Nerf the game

    Not this again.
  9. RushSkies

    Diamond mine dissapointment

    Well it's better than nothing at all.
  10. RushSkies

    The Wonder's Guide

    Agreed. (10 characters)
  11. RushSkies

    Diamonds are a Girl's best friend :)

    Oh my Hanging Garden and Angkor Watt is on the ZONE!
  12. RushSkies

    Diamonds are a Girl's best friend :)

    I concur. (10 characters)
  13. RushSkies

    Main Differences between GA and EA?

    OMG this News to me FroggyKilla. Thanks!
  14. RushSkies

    Dump Wargate

    Actually this was an initial problem when we start Wars but still Communication is the key. We don't have any problem now with this issue but I still do recommend this idea for the benefit of new alliances and the later to come.
  15. RushSkies

    Petition for MORE FRUIT TREES- Official

    No need for that. Why not get Hanging Garden wonder instead? It actually scale better now.
  16. RushSkies

    Main Differences between GA and EA?

    About the Air Raid in EA be sure to upgrade your Castle and Towers in full capacity. Proper placement of Castle and Towers will almost render protection on Early to Mid level of Air Raids. Tip: Castles are most annoying defensive building for Aerial units because they have the Firepower of Air...
  17. RushSkies

    The Wonder's Guide

    In Bronze Age, Hanging Gardens is now also a viable option (was Stonehenge) too after the updates of new Tactics Blessing. Having HG wonder will give you Tactics Blessing most of the time and also not to mention constant Armor Blessing. And as time progressses, Tactics is almost an unofficial...
  18. RushSkies

    Upgrade Dilemma

    Temple make your life need to get that Training Blessing to get going way longer.
  19. RushSkies

    Feedback Thread: Mark of the Assassin!

    Ninja > Guerilla I suggest Nexon make an inspiration on Ninja stats and space troops to balance the current Guerilla infamy.