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  1. Nikolay

    Stop allowing offense building changes after war starts.

    It is very simple to look at the buildings of the attacking player; to do this, you need to go to the “search for alliances”, find the opponent’s alliance in it, in which a list of all players will open. Next, simply open the base of the player you need and you will see all the buildings that...
  2. Nikolay

    Screen design when searching for Museum artifacts

    @Bubbs, please take note
  3. Nikolay

    DomiNations Update 12.6 - Manufactory Updates

    @Harlems369th, June has already started, and Lü Bu is still unavailable, is there a more accurate date for its appearance?
  4. Nikolay

    Screen design when searching for Museum artifacts

    The web version of the game has a huge problem with fonts if you use a language other than English. For example, this is what a description of the benefits of an artifact looks like. There are a lot of fonts that are not displayed. I wrote about this in CS immediately after the web version...
  5. Nikolay

    Screen design when searching for Museum artifacts

    The museum action is in full swing, our eyes are once again suffering and asking to change the design of the on-screen form for searching for artifacts... @Harlems369th, what is required for this?
  6. Nikolay

    Memorial Day - Week Ahead 5/20

    @Harlems369th Lucky War Crafting is started, but not work Problem for all players
  7. Nikolay

    DomiNations Update 12.5 - Coalition Troop Update and Auto-Spying!

    First they need to get the drone age update :)
  8. Nikolay

    New Legendary Artifact! - Week Ahead 4/15

    Seriously? This is the most useless legendary artifact available...
  9. Nikolay

    I think there is a bug in troop donation .

    The problem is still relevant. Many players encounter it every day I wrote in CS, but to no avail. This is a huge inconvenience
  10. Nikolay

    University Alliance Speed Ups either not working or disappearing

    This bug is 4 years old)))
  11. Nikolay

    University Alliance Speed Ups either not working or disappearing

    On March 6, I issued a ticket to CS (2037802), fully described the problem, and steps to reproduce it. We are waiting for the results
  12. Nikolay


    If the artifact had a starting benefit of +1%, then you can get the same benefit, but with a higher percentage. Yes, the benefits are random, but each category of artifacts has its own list of available benefits and it is limited. The available benefits are listed in the categories on Wiki...
  13. Nikolay


    You are wrong, you are misleading the player
  14. Nikolay


    U can read about it in the Museum FAQ
  15. Nikolay

    The Road Ahead: Spring Edition

    This will not work for artifacts that are upgraded with oil, you simply do not have enough oil storage capacity for 9 clicks
  16. Nikolay

    Manufactory Materials Trade

    He does not produce siliconite, but buys chests with manufactory resources. He just hasn’t had to make ammunition that includes siliconite yet.
  17. Nikolay

    The Road Ahead: Spring Edition

    Use VPN
  18. Nikolay

    The Road Ahead: Spring Edition

    I use a simple life hack - you open quest battles, attack any base there, land one infantryman and end the battle. Then, in the troop recovery window, you will see whether the troop recovery is available or not yet. At the same time, if you play for Germany, the "Teutonic fury" does not...
  19. Nikolay

    DomiNations Update 12.3 - Quality of Life Updates

    I am very surprised by this answer. This bug has existed since the advent of parliament (4 years have already passed!). Here is the sequence of actions to catch the bug, everything is extremely simple: 1) The player enters the game. 2) Presses a request to accelerate research at the...