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  1. JNation

    Is this cheating?

    Most likely not... My in game name is Justination. i just shorten it for the forum
  2. JNation

    Is this cheating?

    Its not cheating, but its lame. We've had this happen to my alliance too. However we picked up on it pretty quickly and we sent a spy over to their alliance. We also gave them a lot of misleading intel by saying we donated certain troops (like footies) to the TC or that we were unable to donate...
  3. JNation

    Veteran army Cheating

    When you look up the alliance theres a few people (lower ages) when you click on their name a view base it will say that they are in an alliance called Blood-X tm. So how are they able to be in two alliances at the same time....?
  4. JNation

    Commandos on raiding in 1 hours

    In low medals you won't loose much. I use 14 commandos and 11 bazookas. and i will go anywhere between 2000-3000 medals. I'm not sure which medal range bigbrother is in but theres plenty more oil in 2000-3000. It is an effective raiding strategy but you will loose on average 1-4 commandos and...
  5. JNation

    Commandos on raiding in 1 hours

    That may have been me. i do sit around that medal range a lot. 14-15 commandos and 11 bazookas. Of course I'm seeing this strategy much more frequently now so maybe it was someone else.
  6. JNation

    Leaderboard - remove the inactive alliances

    The fact that this has not been addressed yet is sad. Top 10 alliances: 5 do not have enough member to war and are inactive Top 25 alliances: 10 do not have enough members to war and are inactive Top 50 alliances: 16 do not have enough members to war and are inactive Top 100 alliance: 28 do...
  7. JNation

    Combat Rebalance Stage Three Patch Notes

    He won't, They see TT as part of the line up now. Now you dont have to spend money to get TT because you can get them from the dock. But there we have the problem. Dock require workers, and im not sure about you but my workers are busy building/upgrading stuff. Drop the worker requirement or...
  8. JNation

    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 3)

    Ok, I think im understanding a little more of your frustration now. I agree the HP boost was a big jump and for certain buildings I thought were unnecessary. Being that we are only at stage 2 and pending stage 3 its tough to say how exactly the game play will be when all stages have been rolled...
  9. JNation

    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 3)

    Ok, I appreciate you getting back to me. I’m not British so I cant tell you much about your particular line up, however I’m just curious, you dropped the APC after the rebalance. Did you find them to be less effective? I apologize; I don’t use APC so I’m unfamiliar with their stats. I also...
  10. JNation

    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 3)

    You neglected to answer my other question about provide an example of what level you are and attacking what level base which forces you to use a full army… As far as spending money on the game, the estate doesn’t help plane attacks, plus if he wants to buy a bunch of 2* artifacts that’s his...
  11. JNation

    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 3)

    I dont think Laxx spends any money on the game. and if you are curious about how to use the planes more effectively you could just watch his youtube channel. if you say now that after the rebalance you're unable to 5* bases 10-20 level lowers with the additional support from Generals, mercs and...
  12. JNation

    I love Iosing all my plans it’s awesome

    I think its fair to point out that this is phase 1. If by phase 4 they introduce a reduction in training time then maybe its not so bad. However thats the irony of introducing these change one phase at a time, we have no idea how each phase will effect the next..
  13. JNation

    Fake news Leaderboard

    I actually agree with this. There are 24 alliance that dont even have enough members to do wars yet they are represented in the top 100. Leaderboard should be revamped. maybe offer more glory per war and reset the leader after every month so inactive alliances dont claim a spot. and maybe give...
  14. JNation

    It’s official - museum has been nerfed

    Pretty much this, couldnt really say it much better! Since im Atomic i first maxed out the museum for my age and the only reason why is because you can hold two of each artifact rather than 1 (with an exception to legendary). Two half way decent artifacts in one area can give you enough boost to...
  15. JNation

    What's the solution against army of HTs from the genius devs team ?

    Im glad you responded. Its ok to disagree, i think coming to things we agree on is more important. We do agree on Generals, not for the same reason, however i think that would make for a good topic in a different thread. I suppose more clarity is needed. I understand that you say you are not...
  16. JNation

    What's the solution against army of HTs from the genius devs team ?

    “Once HT maxed out , NOTHING can stop HTs army” Not true. Maxed out CWA HT can be stop by a maxed out CWA base. Even atomic bases with high level walls will stop CWA HT. “the most ridiculous part is HTs army lose NOTHING during the attack” If the first statement isn’t true then this one...
  17. JNation

    Returns from gold mining

    This is why i think it would be beneficial if you could do more things with alliance members such as trading or gifting NTG's or trade goods. Im sitting on a lot of medal and would happily gift it to someone in need because im simply not using it. Getting back to topic though, i think the...
  18. JNation

    2,500 crowns for $0.99

    I know this probably wouldnt happen but you could just offer a one time purchase to all that didnt buy any crowns during glitch.. take the average number of crowns that were bought and the average amount that was spend and offer that has the one time purchase to everyone that didnt make a...
  19. JNation

    War Loot

    This is the exact reason why i dont war with my alliance every time. Even if we win my net gain in oil is minimal and at times i have a net loss in oil. And the extra 10% in lib is a joke along with the extra from oil seeps too..
  20. JNation

    City Center spawn radius after the update

    No Title Just providing additional proof. Im not affected by it as much as others but if this change was intentional or if this was what it was supposed to be this entire time then i believe we should have been notified