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  1. T-Wolf

    Looted materials not appearing in manufactory.

    UPDATE: It may have just been a random glitch - I dumped the cache and data, and reloaded a fresh download. Seems to have solved the problem.
  2. T-Wolf

    Looted materials not appearing in manufactory.

    Platorm: Android Device: Pixel 4XL Version: 12.1370.1370 When successfully winning a PvP battle, and being awarded manfactory materials for loot, the looted materials are not being credited to the count of materials in the manufactory. This has only started as of the last update, 12.7, as I...
  3. T-Wolf

    World at War - Week Ahead 5/13

    Okay, ENOUGH! Kids, don't make me turn this forum around... Personally, I'm glad they offered the Temple again. I had started a new account and missed the first go-round. Just shows you can't make everyone happy. I am very thankful for any and all advantages the devs give us.
  4. T-Wolf

    DomiNations: The Road Ahead Fall Edition

    Still hoping for an update on World War page that will accurately reflect troop stats based on Museum, Coalitions, and Counselors selected.
  5. T-Wolf

    DomiNations Update 11.11 - Museum Updates

    Am having an issue where (sometimes - not all the time) retrain button is greyed out after a troop donation, stating that retrain is unavailable because it would exceed capacity. Very frustrating when I have an Instant Retrain running and I have to wait to manually train troops. Also, is anyone...
  6. T-Wolf

    Thunderdome: Wolf War III

    Thunderdome: Wolf War III
  7. T-Wolf

    Game crashes on upgrade.

    Once I advanced to Classical age, every time I try to upgrade a building, the game crashes. Sometimes when it restarts the upgrade is in progress, but most times not. Love the game, but it's lost its appeal if I have to restart the game numerous times just to upgrade a building. I've tried over...