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    Quality of Life Request - Replays

    Whatever, same response for the past seven years. Disgraced.
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    DomiNations: The Road Ahead

    Quality of Life request for Inventory - make one Clear button to clear all the red Clear buttons. Another suggestion that I saw was an open button to open all advisor cards. Right now, I have 183 items in my inventory (mostly advisor cards) and I have to click on the red Clear button for each...
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    Quality of Life Request - Replays

    It's difficult to accept the replay as a "glitch" or bug. If that is true, then it can be fixed...right? Ignoring the accuracy of replays while continuing to profit shows a lack of integrity from Big Huge Games and a *huge* disregard for its players.
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    Rematch Request for War

    A nice feature request would be for alliances leaders to request a rematch at the end of war. If both alliances opt to rematch, then they automatically match and war again. Perhaps a two out of three limit before another random search would be fun.
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    Quality of Life Feature Request for Building Bases

    It would be great to select an area of a base to move more than one piece at a time, or select all and move. If I want to shift my base over to rearrange a few things, I basically have to rebuild it.