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  1. Lord Wayne

    Happy St. Patrick Stewart's Day from the ENTERPRIZE ALLIANCE! :0)

    IRISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!! oops! That's the wrong ad! Get ready for the ENTERPRIZE ALLIANCE to SHAMROCK your world this ST. PATRICK'S DAY!! Come onboard and watch your opponents be GREEN with envy! We're DUBLIN Down on making a TURN AROUND and it ain't over til' its CLOVER!! So come...
  2. Lord Wayne

    Is it worth "rushing" to GA, or when would you go?

    It is a temptation by many to leap to the next age but it hurts you more oft than not. For many reasons (all of which I will not be able to explain in this post) it is a bad thing to make the leap early. Especially if you participate in World War on a regular basis. I HIGHLY Recommend maxing...
  3. Lord Wayne

    How do you encourage alliance donations?

    So...In the very beginning of my alliance the leader had a rule which required alliance members to maintain a minimum troop donation to received ratio of 1:2. Failure to maintain this ratio would result in a player being demoted. If the player could not be demoted any lower (ally) then they...
  4. Lord Wayne

    Bring on the construction speed blessing!

    Even if you could apply it to a single building it would be great. Say 100% of your villagers are tied up and World War is coming the next day. But your construction projects won't complete until after war ends. Apply the blessing to one building and the next day you have villagers that you...
  5. Lord Wayne

    4.7 'The High Seas!' Update Notes - Now available

    I love the idea of going overseas to bring back resources! Its nice to expand the game beyond a single parcel of land. This looks like a great update! I am excited!
  6. Lord Wayne

    Bring on the construction speed blessing!

    I would love for a CONSTRUCTION (BUILDING BLESSING) to be added to the game! Say that once you activate the blessing construction SPEED would be increased by 50% or some percentage for all structures for 'x' amount of time. I am sure such a blessing would be expensive however at the same time...
  7. Lord Wayne

    Lvl 2 Airstrip vs Lvl 2 Factory

    Definitely Airstrip. EASY DECISION.
  8. Lord Wayne

    Is upgrading factory to level 3 worth it ?

    I don't think it is really worth it. You would probably be better served by upgrading something else.
  9. Lord Wayne

    Any good base design for war? (industrial age)

    Lordzeus, A lot of variables go into making a good base design. It would probably be best that you post a screen shot of yours so the forum can advise you on areas of opportunity.
  10. Lord Wayne

    I need an alliance

    Check our Team Video and YouTube Channel! We are always looking for new team members! Help others, Win Wars, and have Fun! The Adventurers!
  11. Lord Wayne


    Check out our Team Video! We war non-stop and have a proven system for Winning and Winning BIG!
  12. Lord Wayne

    "WANTED: Adventurers"

    Taking Fun to a Whole New Level! Teamwork, Unity, and Communication are hallmarks of this Alliance. We war non-stop and have a proven system to WIN. Check out our Team Video:
  13. Lord Wayne

    National Trading Post

    I would love to have a trading post in general. I am always accumulating a surplus of leather and would love to exchange it for fur.
  14. Lord Wayne

    Please check out my new Youtube channel for Dominations

    I like your new channel! Like narration and how you have the webcam set up! Will leave a like on the video for you
  15. Lord Wayne

    Not new but WAR REPLAYS

    In addition to replays I would really like to see war stats. Average damage per unit type, Amount healed by supply cart #1, #2,
  16. Lord Wayne

    An A new nation ideas

    I would personally like to see India added as a new nation.
  17. Lord Wayne

    Construction speed ups

    I was thinking it would be pretty cool if Nexon / BIG HUGE GAMES made a CONSTRUCTION BLESSING. Speeds up construction by x% for a period of time.
  18. Lord Wayne

    Offline Donations

    Would like to place this idea on the forums and get some feedback to help improve it. PROBLEM: No one likes waiting for donations. POTENTIAL SOLUTION: It would be nice if you could allocate specific units of your army to be made available in a offline pool of troops (offline donations). Thus...