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  1. theBobNamedDan

    An option for “Mutiny” or unanimous vote among council members and higher, to overthrow/replace a poor performing leader

    I still like the idea of auto-kicking someone who is inactive for 90 days. This would remove inactive leaders and promote the most senior co-leader… or something like that. It would also eliminate the junk alliances that have only 1 person in them and clog up searches for a new alliance. But...
  2. theBobNamedDan

    Lost Vault Capacity?

    I have noticed a bug. If you change war museum loadouts then the amount in the vault changes. Somehow it is affecting the vault capacity and interest. If you don’t collect or deposit and just close out the game and reopen it resets to correct values for me. Not sure if this is the same root...
  3. theBobNamedDan

    Auto revenge feature

    Haha. The troll just got trollled!
  4. theBobNamedDan

    Auto revenge feature

    Because some of us like to be the a— h—- and revenge people by doing 45% dmg, taking all their resources, killing generals, and blessings, then leave them open to get raided over and over again. :) Purely for the enjoyment of it all.
  5. theBobNamedDan

    DomiNations Update 12.6 - Manufactory Updates

    Glad you can read the text the same way I can. That is exactly what I interpreted but there are others on here thinking differently and so I stated it in a way as to point it out and asked BHG to confirm my restating. It is a round about way of clarifying it without calling people out who...
  6. theBobNamedDan

    DomiNations Update 12.6 - Manufactory Updates

    Am I correct in understanding that only the materials not collected and being produced would be looted? If someone were to have purchased chests the materials stored are not looted, just what is being produced in the slots. That means you get a max of 5 of a material if that slot was full and...
  7. theBobNamedDan

    Defense war museum crafting sucks

    I am not even sure they got rid of all the mined artifacts. Recent war against an alliance where the top 10 ppl all had full museums that were all 5 liners at +15%. Really? That many of them? I think some got through the cracks.
  8. theBobNamedDan

    I think there is a bug in troop donation .

    I don’t seem to have the issue when watching reward videos but it is absolutely repeatable when searching for an opponent in MP and someone donates to you.
  9. theBobNamedDan

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! - Week Ahead 4/29

    Can we get a QOL improvement to the forums? Ban those that interrupt every thread with cheating complaints? It really lowers the enjoyment of the forums.
  10. theBobNamedDan

    Cast your Votes Good People (which are your favorite ideas)

    lol. I stopped reading when I saw there was more than 1 paragraph. That typically is my limit. 150 words or less for the win!
  11. theBobNamedDan

    DomiNations 9th Anniversary Celebration!

    Given recent history, I don’t know that any player would want to be either USA or Russia. USA would just fail to attack anyone as they can’t get it together due to all the infighting. (Unable to raid) Russia can definitely attack but based on the recent war in Ukraine they fail to get stars...
  12. theBobNamedDan

    Make it possible for the museum to automatically sell mysterious Fragments to Blueprints

    I like the last option. Kind of like the select photo option, get a check box next to all the ones you want to sell and sell them in batches. Also include a sell all button just to reduce taps for those that don’t care to upgrade 3* artifacts due to laziness.
  13. theBobNamedDan

    Make it possible for the museum to automatically sell mysterious Fragments to Blueprints

    “With time and some click work,” That is what we are complaining about. I don’t have time to craft. I would like an option to convert to blueprints without spending non existent time. Until then they just keep building. And I also disagree that they are infinite. With care they go a long...
  14. theBobNamedDan

    Make it possible for the museum to automatically sell mysterious Fragments to Blueprints

    I have 400k fragments in one account, 700k in another account. I just don’t have the time to craft all day to consume them. The dribble that was offered for a time of 150/35 was not enough. There needs to be a 5000/1200 exchange or something like that to help us just burn through them faster...
  15. theBobNamedDan

    3rd Upgrade Slot for Armoury

    I disagree. I have the elite generals regardless. With so many generals there is a need. I have been slowly catching up though. About 70% done with barracks troops. Just a few war tactics (ones I don’t really use) and then I only have generals left.
  16. theBobNamedDan

    3rd Upgrade Slot for Armoury

    Needs to be a “generals only” upgrade slot.
  17. theBobNamedDan

    University Alliance Speed Ups either not working or disappearing

    I had my request for an alt account disappear with no donations after logging off. Watched it from my primary account. I have not had time to fully figure out if it was a once off or repeatable.
  18. theBobNamedDan

    University Alliance Speed Ups either not working or disappearing

    Actually I think it got worse. It used to be: Request would stay active as long as you were logged into the game. If you logged off it would disappear after the next donation. I think it is now: Disappears as soon as you log off regardless if anyone donated. Also disappears if you are...
  19. theBobNamedDan

    Automation age

    Makes sense to me. Automation improved output productivity. Automated age has higher production capacity of manufactory. Where I work we almost doubled output over 20 years by increasing automation all while reducing workforce. (Through attrition)
  20. theBobNamedDan

    Munitions applied to donated alliance troops

    Does anyone know if munitions are applied to donated alliance troops? Defense troops in MP Defense Troops in War Offense troops (either MP or War) I assume if they are it is the recipients munitions that apply not the donors munitions? Can’t see where this was asked anywhere. What about...