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  1. Macku

    The Terra Cotta Army

    Thanks for commenting back. At the time of my writing the Terra Cotta Army portion of the sticky was not filled out.
  2. Macku

    Recruit an army goal

    Do only one unit soldiers. Cavalry takes up 6 spaces but counts as one soldier
  3. Macku

    End Of Season League Rewards?

    What does the end of a season for multiplayer represent? Are there any rewards, other than the daily reward, that you get for ranking in a certain league when the season ends?
  4. Macku

    The Importance Of Open Mindedness

    I think it's probably stronger than people think, as most people aren't in the late late game where they can really measure its benefits. That said, I see where you're coming from, and have faith that the dev team will take efforts to balance any Civs and Wonders that are underpowered, which is...
  5. Macku

    The Importance Of Open Mindedness

    Well that's a given, and if I had just said that then I wouldn't have found out what the Terra Cotta daily power is until I finished it. I'm just tired of invading the same two bases all of the time, and hoping a more diverse set of playstyles will emerge. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Macku

    The Importance Of Open Mindedness

    After spending some time with Dominations and perusing this forum, I've noticed one thing in particular that is a little concerning: the total lack of open mindedness when it comes to tactics, civ choice, and wonder selection. As of this writing, the community at large regards certain wonders...
  7. Macku

    Which wonder?

    Does anyone know what the Terra Cotta army actually does? It summons something — but what? What kind of soldiers? How many? Do they scale? The description is so vague.
  8. Macku

    Donating troops does not work?

    I'm having a flip of this problem. I requested troops, my fellow alliance member donated 5 of the 6 I requested, but none of them are available to me in my barracks or in fights, and whenever I put in a new request it still reads as 5/6
  9. Macku

    Requested Troops Not Appearing In Army

    Requested troops from my Alliance partner. The game keeps indicating that I have 5 of 6 for the request filled, but I do not have access to them when looking at my barracks or when participating in a single player or multiplayer match. Any ideas on what I can do to fix it?
  10. Macku

    The Greek Nation; A Greek players resource

    When hitting the Classical age I saw the "free" time for buildings get bumped up to under 20 minutes. I'd like to maybe see it grow a little more, but it's cool to see that the civ power is going to scale to help address the insanely large build times of later game content. I had a realization...
  11. Macku

    The Terra Cotta Army

    I don't quite yet buy into the idea that the defensive Wonders are the only way to go, especially when the game will be patched and have balance changes. That said, I'm intrigued by the Terra Cotta Army, but I can't find anyone anywhere who has built it to get a clear idea of what the power...
  12. Macku

    Just reached level 19, still have not been attacked.

    Some people like to wait and level everything up before advancing. I made sure that all of my walls, doors, and defenses were all as sturdy as could be before advancing. I like it because I feel confident advancing into the next age, and also because it makes the new age more rewarding, because...
  13. Macku

    Just reached level 19, still have not been attacked.

    Pbk669, have you attacked anyone yet? You might need to hop into your first multiplayer match to get queued up.
  14. Macku

    Classical Age Base Design

    I actually really like the look of this one Zynster. Have you found that it holds up well?
  15. Macku

    library research/technology list

    Hi Toast, I don't think this list exists yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were gonna add it to the Wiki. That said, you can click the question mark on the books in the research screen and see what each chapter of research will get for you.
  16. Macku

    How's everyone liking this game so far

    Certainly enjoying it, and playing it a bit too much. It's taking me a while to get attack and defense strategy down, but I'm really enjoying the game. It truly hit its stride once I got to the classical age. So much stuff to build and improve, the research in the library really excited me, and...
  17. Macku

    Issues with Alliance Gate. No one can join.

    Hi Ceedubbie, I've heard a lot of people get tripped up with the Clean Language Filter while looking for Alliances. Double check if you have your Alliance set to clean language or not, and then make sure your friends search with that in mind. If it's a Clean Language Alliance, have them search...