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    Spinning circles ARE NOT GONE

    spinning circles are still a thing.... in addition to that... now the game is crashing if I use instant retraining blessings.... good on you Big Huge....
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    Unable to log in with facebook

    Ok, I'll do that thanks
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    Constantly spinning circles

    Same here, playing on galaxy s10.... every time after an attack or just by opening the game ... impossible to play.... and now I reinstalled the game and cannot log in with facebook so now I am completely unable to play....
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    Unable to log in with facebook

    Hello everyone, did anyone solve the problem of logging in with facebook?? Thanks
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    Attack cheating, airplane + motorcycles + bomb = 100% and all resources stolen

    Thats the guy molfas!! serg5... the same that attacked me one of the 3 times I had this issue... is there anything we can do about it? To preserve or to fight this exploit?
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    I had the same (but with less units) happening to me today... they don't even finish the attack and in my case get 100% and take all my resources... This is clearly cheating... Its too sad that this kepps happening again and again... and they seem not to know how to fix it... I really want a big...
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    Attack cheating, airplane + motorcycles + bomb = 100% and all resources stolen

    Hello, I have been attacked by a dude lvl 160 that used these units mentioned above and I got 100% destroied and all my resources stolen... when I see the replay I am pretty sure that this is impossible... Its the third time that this has happened. How can I have these medals and resources...
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    5 star victory with only 16% damage??

    Had the same thing here a few times... the last one a guy attacked me with a plane and 5 bombs and took all the possible resources that I had and 10 medals... its quite anoying because it takes me ages to earn 10 medals... they've got to do something about it... its frustrating