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  1. DagIrish

    DomiNations Update 11.10 - New Drone Age Upgrades

    I’m beginning to wonder too…sitting on a whole bunch of speed ups waiting for the Drone level upgrade…where is it Harlem?
  2. DagIrish

    Council Active Benefits Display bug

    active benefits display now doesn’t fit the available space on screen and can’t all be seen. iPad and game up to date…
  3. DagIrish

    New University Leader Nikola Tesla - Innovation and Progress

    Yes…let’s make a list for him…
  4. DagIrish

    Ho hum….

    Ho hum….
  5. DagIrish

    Troop Tactics sorting…

    I have, like many others, 1,000 of TTS. Because the provided means of displaying these are limited, I often cannot find quickly what I need. I suggest that TTs are additionally sortable into categories - even a few simple ones would be good e.g. Tanks, Choppers, Planes, Infantry, Siege and...
  6. DagIrish

    Marco's Legendary Artifacts For Crowns Error

    This is exactly right…I did buy Gemini Gloves for 300 crowns. I assumed this was just a rare good deal - A BHG mistake? Never! I bought it, fought multiplayer battles and crunched the museum for a couple of hours - raised the resources and fully upgraded it. Not only that, I dumped and sold a...
  7. DagIrish

    Summer for the ages ... digital to information instant upgrade doesn’t work

    They tell me in the game that they are aware of the issue and their developers are working on it...meanwhile I have 12 men sitting on their arses wasting time, which, in Dominations, is the only real currency...
  8. DagIrish

    Summer for the ages ... digital to information instant upgrade doesn’t work

    A couple of hours ago, this upgrade went up as being live...however the upgrade is not instant...please sort out..
  9. DagIrish

    Holiday Event .... Christmas Football Legendary...

    Can you have 2 Christmas Football legendary artefacts simultaneously? Dag
  10. DagIrish

    Marco Polo dumbed down?

    When Marco appeared first, it quickly became apparent that the only thing worth buying was the Troop Chest which gave 8 troop cards...originally it was 400 rubies...then it was 600 rubies...then it only appeared every second time Marco appeared. Now it has not appeared for three visits of MP...
  11. DagIrish

    Level 10+ Alliance Perks

    Maybe add an increase by 3 in max alliance troop donation...
  12. DagIrish

    Huge Suggestion List

    Great list 912...a couple of extra things occur to me; - a single button to collect all outstanding resources...bit of a pain to have to continually click all over screen. - on the people button, you click to get a list of what all your people are doing and how long they will take to...