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  1. Pepyto

    We need heavy buff on offense side now, defense is overpowered

    We don't need to buff offense, we just need oppotunity in MP to make every attack- full attack, so: - time reduction for training tactics n planes - time reduction for generals recovery - blessings for all 3 and everything will be just fine
  2. Pepyto

    World War matching

    It make sense because ww matchmaking system doesn't consider alliance level, only war weight of all accounts participating.
  3. Pepyto

    Stable/Depot Spawn Radius

    Heavyweight champions Mountainking vs LordAnubis LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEE ​​​​​​​🤣🤣🤣
  4. Pepyto

    War loot needs rebalancing

    Even better then you think, in friendly war chall, you choose your players for war, then send chall to opponent. Then they choose players who will participate, and accept your chall (so no need for sandbags). There is even option to choose preparation time and war time, so you can play war with...
  5. Pepyto

    War loot needs rebalancing

    War is not about loot, it's about team play & effort, attacking skills, organization, fame n glory, fun... I hope some day devs will introduce to us friendly war challenges with no loot at all like in CoC...
  6. Pepyto

    Third Anniversary Global Community Event!

    But they are bringing entire gameplay community together or am I wrong?
  7. Pepyto

    How about an event where you get extra workers for a week

    Hey Nexon, at least give us additional lumberjacks for clearing forest 🤣
  8. Pepyto

    Temporary or Permanent

    Yes, building is way too powerful to be permanent, probably 7 days temporary... Hope I'm wrong.
  9. Pepyto

    2,500 crowns for $0.99

    After they investigate this bug, and they become fully aware what happened, do you really expect from them to tell you the truth? I certainly don't
  10. Pepyto

    When is Saladin getting fixed?

    Your comments are just ridiculous. We are talking about Hold the Gates, there is no more or less finished Saladin... Capisce?
  11. Pepyto

    WW mismatch bonanza

    Just kidding, no hard feelings 😉
  12. Pepyto

    When is Saladin getting fixed?

    With all due respect, that doesn't sound good to me... what if I finished Saladin, and opponent didn't?
  13. Pepyto

    Two Tier Win System for WAR

    I would like to see glory limitation in wars - to limit minimum and maximum glory points per war! minimum could be 50 and max 500 or something like that. It's insane that 1 defeat could cost you 900-1000 glory points.
  14. Pepyto

    WW mismatch bonanza

    Lord you sound like a cruel professional in this game 😃
  15. Pepyto

    When is Saladin getting fixed?

    And God only knows how many bugs more exist in game... really frustrating and unprofessional from nexon 👎
  16. Pepyto

    Replays.. would it be better without them?

    No it wouldn't. They are only thing preventing cheaters to completely overwhelm this game.
  17. Pepyto

    Max Atomic Merc Camp

  18. Pepyto

    why the decoy buff?

    I believe manifesto is right, decoy buff is counter to all defense buff lately, including rocket arsenal.
  19. Pepyto


    Please tell me three things they changed on our request?
  20. Pepyto

    So where is the Museum?!

    Epic conversation! 😂😂😂