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  1. Dreamcatcher

    Join Ceti Alpha V

    There are only two of us in Ceti Alpha V. is it okay if one of us joins your group to see if it will work out? My concern is that I (Dreamcatcher) am a higher level than the rest of the alliance and that might skew the pairings for wars.
  2. Dreamcatcher

    Alliance Recruitment

    There should be an easier way to attract new members to an alliance. Perhaps a search and invite function. As it is, there is only the Alliance Gate forum here, which many newer members don‘t know about, or the practice of joining random alliances and trying to recruit, which is disruptive.
  3. Dreamcatcher

    Join Ceti Alpha V

    Just starting out? Looking for a new alliance to have some fun? Give Ceti Alpha V a try. You’ll like us.
  4. Dreamcatcher

    Members Wanted

    Ceti Alpha V is a recently formed alliance looking for active, friendly players. Stay engaged in wars and advance with the support of a high level, donation-willing player. Come give us a try!