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    Allow selection of defending generals

    As title suggests, allow the selection of defending generals, this can be done similar to the drone command UI. Bonus points if the Pentagon and Unisphere (for coalition troop selection) is reworked this way as well.
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    Expand Council Collection Rewards to 190

    Since more councilors have been added, the reward system for collecting councilors should be expanded (current cap at 160 expanded to 190), preferably with more mythical recruitment packs as rewards.
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    Troop donation glitch

    100% this should be a priority; I contacted CS but haven't heard a response as it normally takes "priority" support a week to respond. In the past, this issue was fixed through a flush of in-game chat.
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    Japanese Town Center Dmg improvements from Museum/Council

    It isn't, feel free to test yourself but having a museum line for ADTD in the main hall does not effect the TC damage.
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    Japanese Town Center Dmg improvements from Museum/Council

    Allow Japanese town center damage to be modified by all defensive tower damage buffs and all enemy defensive tower damage debuffs. Might see more players choose Japan if that was the case.
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    DomiNations Update 11.4 - Defensive Library Update

    Your assumption of the calcs are wrong. You are currently getting an extra 12% boost. Base dmg stat for that level of tower is 1,431. The sum of all your buffs are combined prior to modifying the base stat. You previously had a buff of approx 80% (through lib/uni/museum/and possibly road...
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    Mobile AA Gun

    Make a mobile Anti-Air Gun (potential replace the mortar) that targets enemy helicopters with bonus damage to flying generals. Possibly even make them capable of disabling GCI within a certain radius of the mobile AA gun. Obviously it would be weak against defending troops and have low hp to...
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    World war doesn't work for all players of guild

    This bug just hit my whole alliance yesterday right after we were matched for war. Haven’t received a response from customer support yet.
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    Parliament bonus for donating to leader highlighted law

    Have a 1.5x multiplier (or 2x) for donating to leader highlighted laws, to balance, make it a .75x multiplier on non-highlighted laws
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    Make Artillery Great Again - Increase range to 8

    As the title suggest, improve the usefulness of artillery by increasing the range to 8. This still leaves it vulnerable to the missile silo, sniper tower, and defending troops but allows it to take out any other building without being in its range.
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    Tactics & Missile Silo Don't Retrain

    With the new update, my tactics and missile silo don't retrain with a vip retrain nor video retrain. Also, Heavy Tanks don't present a retrain button when donating them to alliance members.