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  1. Jolly the Wise

    USA Farmers, a No Drama Level 20 alliance, Seek INVOLVED WAR PLAYERS

    Our alliance is a good natured, friendly, no drama team led by one of the top players in the world. We are looking for involved players of any level who want to play War. Enemy targets are assigned and first attacks must be made in the first 12h. Advice on game play is given via chat and our...
  2. Jolly the Wise

    Enable Stronghold Tactics on Defense in Multi-Player Games.

    Currently Stronghold tactics only come into play on defense for World War, when the Stronghold is attacked and the tactics must be donated by other players. My suggestion is that you enable a player to load his or her Stronghold with tactics that come into play when the Stronghold is attacked in...
  3. Jolly the Wise

    Hi Team Supremacy are looking for new members of all ages

    Is playing War essential? I ask as I don’t. I support allies with donations and ask for little but only War rarely.
  4. Jolly the Wise

    Scots Guards come us join for a laugh :)

    Is everyone required to be checked in for War all the time, meaning that they may be included in a war team whenever one is created?
  5. Jolly the Wise

    GAYALLINCE :-) JOIN TODAY - Also Antonio.Soulfeeder on insta ;)

    OK. You might want to correct the typo in the alliance name in the header. 😘
  6. Jolly the Wise

    Scots Guards come us join for a laugh :)

    Sounds laid back and fun. Checked out your alliance. Requirements read like you require all allies to be checked in for war. Less like fun to me as I am not interested in War. Maybe clarify more in your ad what you expect? All the best.
  7. Jolly the Wise

    Commandos: A (Barely Now) Viable Troop?

    Archie. Thanks for the info. Looks like you are right. A player who had repeatedly overrun my base with idiotic Infiltrators just attacked it again using a conventional combination of troops, and was handed his stained underwear for his trouble. 😀
  8. Jolly the Wise

    Commandos: A (Barely Now) Viable Troop?

    My base (268, CWA), is now regularly attacked by players only using Infiltrators, plus tactics and aircraft. Virtually nothing stops them, making the game idiotic.
  9. Jolly the Wise

    Using factory troops after rebalancing..

    My base (268, CWA), is now repeatedly attacked by players only using Infiltrators, (anything from 14 to 17), plus sabotage and air support. This is a ridiculous kind of army as very little stops them and as such they make the game idiotic.
  10. Jolly the Wise

    Balance Changes + Decay Update

    I hear that Nexon is getting into the music business. Apparently they’ll sell you an album with 15 tracks, then, six months later, it’ll only have ten. If you ask them why you can’t play the other five, they’ll tell you they ”rebalanced” it.
  11. Jolly the Wise

    World War Changes: Glory Decay

    What Rachel said and others have said for years now. Personally I couldn’t care less about the Leaderboard and who is or isn’t in it. My alliance doesn’t aim for it and it only reflects the performance of just 100 alliances that do. Assuming not everyone else has left yet there are thousands of...
  12. Jolly the Wise

    Alliance caught Cheating!

    Wow I I looked at the attacker’s village. No embassy. No museum. Barely an alliance Gate. Could you post a replay of the attack somewhere?
  13. Jolly the Wise

    Charlemagne’s Elephant event is a rip off!!

    Well, I think we’ve solved the original question. Now then, who’s up for financing my next movie venture, “Crackhead Santa”? Come on, you all know you’ve got money to spare since you stopped giving it to Nexon, and making movies is gonna be WAY MORE FUN than DN is now. Actually that’s true of...
  14. Jolly the Wise

    Marco as Santa?

    I’d always wondered what a crackhead Santa looked like. Thanks. This forum is both educational and inspiring. Am now thinking that “Crackhead Santa” should be the title of the Xmas blockbuster movie of 2019. Let’s crowdsource the funding and make it happen. Now then, who to play the lead? 🤔
  15. Jolly the Wise

    DomiNations Quick Feedback

    What Kenny said. My dog looks just like this ... 🐕 ... only white
  16. Jolly the Wise

    Museum in world war - remove now people hacking it

    Yes. And was the cheating reported? And did Nexon do anything? Ever seen “Waiting for Godot”?
  17. Jolly the Wise

    Museum in world war - remove now people hacking it

    There are people cheating at DomiNations? Wow. 😱 And you think Nexon will do something about it? Wow! 😂😂😂
  18. Jolly the Wise

    Leaderboard update: Decay

    Nero fiddles while Rome burns.
  19. Jolly the Wise

    Polar bears!!!!

    There’s something just a wee bit sick about being asked to kill Polar Bears doncha think. Mind you we’re playing a game where our troops kill each other and we steal each other’s possessions so maybe not. 🤔